How Blogging Affected My Offline Interaction

by Jan Geronimo on September 21, 2009


Without doubt, writing changes how a person perceives the world around him. This is already a given. But blogging? I have a sneaking suspicion it has added a monkey’s wrench into the mix.

Let’s examine the tell-tale signs of weirdness.

I’m talking with my elder sister at the dinner table. And this being a Sunday, the atmosphere is relaxed. The topic is the latest on the antics of politicians who have nothing but moist eyes for the Philippine presidency. Now, my sister is a retired elementary grade teacher. She tells stories in a linear fashion as most grade teachers do. She compounds my difficulty with her story telling by adding a prologue to it, you know?   “I was in fact talking with your niece about it. And she said what’s the matter with this -”

I have to cut in, “So what’s the story?”

Well, as you know, Korina Sanchez had to file a leave of absence with the television network-”

Silent scream.

I already know that. So what’s the story?” And only then did my sister give me the most important details of the story. And I have to mentally congratulate her for at least catching on. If I can have my way, every conversation addressed to me should follow this form, “In this story, I learned that the latest electric bill had risen by 20%. We need to cut down consumption in seven ways, namely -

To be followed by – kazzam! – a numbered or bullet list. What glorious relief would life be if offline interactions follow this helpful blogging formula.

In another story, a customer walked in the store. His desktop CPU needs a reformat. Our store technician, however, is on home service so I have to make small talk with this customer who prefers to wait. I find out he’s a photographer. Guess what, the next thing I know, I’m giving him an impromptu tutorial on how to market his work in a blog by showcasing his body of work. There’s a pained look in his eyes since clearly he does not know what a blog is all about – at least not yet. But does it deter me?

Nah. I have to tell him the advantage of a web presence and how it benefits his small business. Mercifully for him, our technician arrives to rescue him from another round of lecture about Twitter and the social media.

Writer on board

So you see it’s hard to put your guard down when you’re a writer or a blogger.  As if you have a choice.

You’re in meet up. There’s great food. Drinks. Do you think you’d enjoy it? Nope. You’d feel you’re on assignment. You can’t relax because you never know when you’re going to run out of blog post ideas. Everything must be filed away if only in your mental cabinet. And when you’re in the company of blogging buddies, you can’t relax either. You can’t be too chummy else your enterprising buddy might cook up a post that goes, “Brokeback Mountain in Angeles City

What if you’re heartbroken. Your significant other throws you out of the apartment.   Do you think you can let it all hang out without milking it for what it’s worth? No, darn it. You’re not an uber blogger if you do that. What you do is to hide your broken arms in your sleeves and think like a blogger. Snap out of it and dazzle us with an account, preferably something like this, “Homeless in Makati

Chronicler for life

So what if your significant other delivers the dreaded, “It’s not you, babes. It’s me.”


So sound the alarm, round up  your drinking buddies, and wallow in self-pity. But you had better make sure you bring with you your pocket notebook and pen.  Or camera phone so your buddies can at least take pictures of you stinking up the sidewalk with your vomit.  How’s that for your writing prompts when you come to your senses?

Writing. Blogging. It’s all the same. Having tasted what it’s like you’re now infected. There’s no hope for you. You experience everything twice. First as a normal person and then as a chronicler of stories. You can’t escape this fate unless you’re a content scraper on the web. Or a hopeless make money online creature.

So how about you, guys. In what way has blogging or writing changed your way of thinking?

Photo by:  Spamily

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  • I am amazed Jan. This has sank into my senses now. Indeed, blogging had affected my offline interaction. Before I can savor a hearty or mouth-watering meal, I need to have a picture of it taken first. Everday, I would list in my calendar [in my CP] the things that I could write in my blogs. It is amazing, LOL!
  • ha! I find great amusement in those stories because they feel so true. I've been blogging for a month and have already lectured 2 or 3 people on how they should start a blog. what a freak.
  • That only goes to show you're passionate about blogging. Can't keep enthusiasm to ourselves, that's one of the signs. We're like evangelists sometimes - spreading the good word about blogging to everyone who has the misfortune of looking in our direction. :)
  • thanks, that's a great way to look at it! you're a funny dude and I like that.
  • lee
    jan, you know very well what kind of blog im mentaining lol (cannot call it blog, yay) i dont need to use my brain (im not even sure if i have one) to make blog hahaha, ya know what i mean (jut copy and paste)

    hey, by the way (i know im late) i heard that you won the most influ together with rot, congrats, where can i sent the lechon?
  • Hi, long time no hear! How's your blog these days?... Yeah, Roy and I won
    in that blog contest. We have free lechon? Wow. Ahehehe
  • lee
    hey jan. ask kolang, gumagana pa ba yung email mo? nag eemail ako baka dimo kako narerecvd.
    K lang naman, tagal ko di naka online kasi nga after a month sa pinas derecho na sa 6wks sa kabundukan then natagalan bago ko nakahanap ng maayos na proxy/client to get in to my site after a long time,tinatyaga ko na kahit super bagal.
    oy totoo yun, lechon, unless nagda diet kayo nila elmot at roy hahaha,san ko ibabalibag? hahaha
  • Hi, Lee. Gumagana pa naman email ko. I just didn't know how to reply lalo
    na't involved na ang lechon. Alam mo naman kaming magaganang kumain. LOL.
    Are you serious?! Wag na po kaya, Lee. As long as you're happy doing your
    usual stuff on blogging okay na kaya un. Ahehehe
  • Nothing wrong with telling a photographer how he might show his work to more people, Jan. If he's bored and impatient now, one day he might wake up and think, Hey, that's what that guy was trying to tell me: imagine if I'd listened three years ago?

    From what I can see, in your recommendations here and on Google, you sincerely dedicate a great deal of time and knowledge to helping people.

    Prodding a sister into telling her story better isn't wrong either. It's not even impolite dinner conversation where I come from. But then I live with my husband and me. Telling the other to "cut to the chase" is considered helpful, since there are some things that are difficult to say.
  • Bah.

    I'm real sure diving deep into the blogging world had a significantly not good impact on my last relationships... with a wanna be writer, God bless her heart.

    Writing is pain.

    NOT writing is worse pain.

    Woops, there's a blog post there... gotta run. Ta!

    (Just knocked it out, short one.)
  • Oh JG, you made me laugh so hard. What a clever way you delivered your thoughts. I know I am a few days behind you on this so please forgive me. I do wish to acknowldege, in my microblogging way on Twitter I have the same thoughts: " Oh I could tweet this, this would make a great shot for twitpic, darn I really should have tweeted about 'xyz' etc. "
  • Yeah, we become little historians, trying to understand the world around us through our blogs and microblogging tools. Very handy way of coping with the times. Of course, others prefer just adding noise to the mix. But that's just the beauty of it There's room for everyone. Even for late adopters like me. ",)
  • writing. blogging.

    Can i add... documenting?

    So it would read like this;

    Writing. Blogging.Documenting. It's all the same.
  • Documenting seems a dreadful activity, but if you can make it a la CSI, I'm in. Kidding. ",) Of course, it's the same. Although of course when we say documenting it carries with it that air of scholarship or rigorous research.

    And this, too: when I write creative fiction and it reflects objective realities of certain segments of society that weave around the hero or heroine, can say I've documented it very well? Maybe this is what you mean?
  • And this, too: when I write creative fiction and it reflects objective realities of certain segments of society that weave around the hero or heroine, can say I've documented it very well? Maybe this is what you mean?

    Beautiful! You got it right, bro. Thanks!
  • Hi LJ!
    I can't say I have changed much from before in terms of social interaction - although, being the (slightly) obsessive person that I am, I sometimes find myself with nothing no talk about other than blogging. Haha. I think my gf and my friends are beginning to get tired of it. Lol.
    I'm not. Tee hee hee.
  • That's a little puzzling, isn't it. Online we've some measure of influence.
    But offline? We can't even get them to comment on our blogs. Do you have
    some success in this department? I don't. But it's okay. Just as long as
    they don't interrupt my writing just because some misfortune happened to the
    heroes of their favorite telenovela. LOL.
  • Ahahaha! Some measure of influence? My my Mister Most Influential Emerging Blogger - I cannot say the same eh, at least not yet. But I agree, my friends and family very rarely comment on my posts, but then again, why would they if they can talk to me about it in person?

    Gah, I never get to watch TV anymore. What's on?
  • For one, I have become more observant of everyday happenstances, and become more critical about them...
  • Yeah, I know what you mean. Ordinary events and even routine work take on a special meaning. We learn to inquire more and see them in new angles. Blogging can be a tool for critical thinking. We all know of course that writing is an element of critical thinking. Happily, blogging turns out the same. Sometimes even more so because we have to bring into the mix other concerns we hardly bother about in doing the traditional way of writing. Thanks a lot for sharing with us your thoughts. :)
  • sometimes i also take photos sa mga binyag dito sa isla. ako na nga ang pari, ako pa ang photographer. then minsan, some couple would ask me, "father kailan namin makukuha ang copy niyan."

    reply ko, "kunin nyo na lang sa friendster ko."

  • LOL! Grabe naman mga tao kung minsan, oo. Father, bigyan mo nga minsan mga yan ng extreme unction nang magtino. :)

    Father, sana dinagdagan mo, "Check nyo na lang sa photo blog ko." Kidding aside, you've lots of wonderful stories. Do you fancy writing a book about your experiences? Bibili tiyak ako kahit walang discount. :)
  • Yahoo!

    Blogging has helped me cope with stress. Have I said it correctly? Well, sometimes blogging causes me added pressure, but most of the time, blogging has helped me become more relaxed by helping me release all the pent up tensions inside me.

    I guess, this blogging thing helped to have more depth in life and my way of looking at things.
  • Where's the friendly gravatar, eh? Got released into the void along with the tensions?

    I'm glad you're coping well, bro. Short of finally making good on my promise to write a guest post for you, I think this will help you a lot for the meantime: my gift for you.

    Enjoy. Ahehehe
  • Ahahahha! Ayos yung red hands na yun bro. :D

    Don't worry, I will wait for that guest post...hopefully it will come to my email's inbox not on my retirement day. :D
  • I'm glad you like it.... Ouch - that hurts ha. Hmmp. :)
  • Haha, being one of those blogging creatures, I have to admit that in a way, blogging has changed a lot not only my way of thinking but also my way of acting. Like anyone else, I admit to being guilty of having very little patience and somewhat impulsive in taking some of my decisions. Blogging has given me the art of patience and opening my doors to a more balanced way of making decisions. You are right, writing or blogging is basically the same and could be a serious infection, if you are not careful about it..
  • OMG. I have evolved backwards. I have ratcheted up the impatience scale - busted it too many times, methinks. But of course to even things out, I also learn the art of beating a hasty retreat with my guilty tail between my legs. Of course, I only do that on choice occasions.
  • fencesitter
    Hi Jan, thanks for visiting my blog when nobody else would. hahaha. Anyway I wrote something like this as well around two years ago i think. Here's the link, and yes, that's another blog. :)
  • That's a great post, dude. Love its humor and unpredictability. Quirky, quirky sense of humor. I left it bewildered, mouthing fish sounds.

    Well, hazards of the trade. Thanks for sharing it with me.

    What's with you and fencesitting by the way? lols. Never mind, you need not answer that. I love puzzles if they don't hurt the brain too much. :)
  • Hey, my offline life hasn't changed all that much, Jan. Nope; always pretty much normal stuff, y'know?

    Well, except for the fact that anytime we take note of anything of even the remotest interestingness, the Mrs. will nudge me with a "you should blog about that!" comment. Otherwise, everything's pretty much the same. (rolls eyes) :-D
  • That's a great wife you've got there. A brain trust or think tank is always a good thing to have. Is she a writer, too? Or just a resident drill sergeant/morale booster of a partner?
  • Actually, I think you could classify her as a sortof blogger without a blog, if you get my meanin'. I've been tryin' to coax her to write for a while now, though. But she is definitely my encourager!
  • I hope you'd be able to convince her. I have a feeling she'd be a natural and can give you a run for your money. :)
  • I became more observant and more creative in a way. Not that I am not before, but ever since I considered the idea of 'serious' blogging, I've always felt the urge to scout for almost every topic I deem blog-worthy.

    BUT, it doesn't always happen. Most of the time, the idea just pops out from nowhere, like from daily conversations with friends, or from a boring jeepney ride, and then my mind starts to work excitedly, thinking how I can relay my message on a slightly different angle, without the risk of being so narrative.

    BUT it doesn't always happen as well.
  • "...without the risk of being so narrative." Well, my friend, between a how-to and a story, I'd take the story anytime. Wait, I might take the how-to if it's very important to me at that particular time. But what's most likely to stick in my mind is the story. I love stories. Narratives. Whatever you call them.

    If you've a good one, do write it. You're very creative, Badongskie. I have no doubt at all you can make it more wonderful in the retelling. :)
  • Thanks Jan. In fact, my next post is something very personal. You know what occasion it is tomorrow, right? hihi. Thanks Jan. Btw, can I call you Lolo Jan? Anyway, you're the one who suggested it. Can I? Can I?
  • That tomorrow is today. Happy birthday, Joel. I have a cake for you here.

    Permission granted, of course. Ikaw pa. [Grabe na toh, dami ko na apo. Ahahaha]
  • before i had my domain blog, there was my blogspot. and during those times, i only told a few souls that i blog. a cubicle neighbor became excited about blogging and he told me about it. i smiled as i narrated to him the blogging basics. a few days later, he discovered my hidden blog. that blogging buddy is the guy behind

    in another story, i have this cousin whom i know loves writing too. i told him about blogging sometime in early 2008. it took a few months more before he started his own blog. an american he befriended online was kind enough to give him a hosting space. my cousin is blogging at

    my own blog addiction has mellowed down a bit. not anymore the "i ba-blog ko to" type. and i have yet to post those drafts hibernating in my hard disk.
  • You're very lucky you've been blogging for quite sometime now. I cringe just thinking about the many hours I wasted playing online games. But perhaps that happened for a reason, too.

    Ah well, we bring into our blogging our own rhythm. If we take another individual's pace and apply it on our own blogging routine it might be a foolhardy thing to do. At the moment, I can't do several posts a day. I'm not up for it. Maybe if I'm into this full time, but at the moment, nah.
  • zorlone
    There are still a lot of people that I know that gets surprised whenever I talk to them about blogging. In the first place, there are only a few of us who know about it.

    Out of the 3.3M who uses the internet here in the Philippines, there are only around 2.somethingM who knows or blogs (based from the statistics I heard at the wordcamp last Saturday, I may be wrong). So, in a projected population of 92.23 for 2009, we are just a handful.

    Now what has blogging done for me? I became a writer. LOL. At least, even if I am just a "feeling writer" I can hone my craft and actually deliver this dream into a reality.

  • Nice figures. What does it mean for blogging, Doc Z? You've your work cut out for you. Lots of little Doc Zs to teach and to lure into the sweet, exquisite embrace of poetry and short stories. For Bonnie and Roel lots of eager students dying to learn the right way to optimize their young blogs. For Jen lots of new entrants to nurture.

    What has blogging done for you? You've taught your parents how to use Facebook. Good boy! Ahahaha. Now, teach your father LinkedIn so he can showcase his skills and services to the world. Age is not a factor in blogging.

    I have Grandma Lorrene for a blogging buddy remember? She's in her eighties and she writes wonderful posts.

    And stop saying you're a "feeling writer." You're a writer. Period. :)
  • I couldn't agree more to lolo Jan.

    Keep it up Doc! God Bless!
  • Not much change. Except that I have to read a lot more stuff in addition to my e-mails since I subscribe to some blogs.
  • And to think we hate schools. Blogging is even more demanding than school if you ask me. So many things to read, so many self-inflicted assignments to solve. And yet we enjoy. How cool is that! :)
  • I do convince people to blog too, because I see it as an excellent venue to communicate and share information and knowledge. It is also interactive and provides lots of options, like videos, streamlining, reaching out even to the farthest corners of the hemisphere, and many more possible applications.

    Blogging has also affected me positively because it is a de-stressing activity and a productive one at that - I was able to come up with my first creative venture.

    The most important one is that I was able to meet new, genuine friends - like you Jan, and of course the rest of the group.
  • De-stressing activity? Are we talking of the same thing? Ahahaha. Kidding - of course it is. Especially after whacking your head with the keyboard so you'd be able to write something, anything. :)
  • I so love the line "it's not you. babes, it's me" jejejejejeje... well at least for me, blogging is my other life... away from work, away from pressure... jejejejeje... mostly happy thoughts... but it also changed me by being more "kapalmuks" nyahahhahahahha.. like bringing camera in almost wherever I go... and of course, having lots of friends in the blog world is just a bonus... priceless... jijijijijiji
  • No, it's not kapalmuks, Jaydee. Do you know that you can even submit an I-report on CNN. For example, you can take a video coverage of the festivals in your place and submit it to CNN as a news feature. If they don't like it. Well, it's their loss, but you can always upload it to Youtube. Perhaps even monetize it. Or use it for your blog. You'll never know- an event of world interest might happen where you are. It pays to have your camera or video ready, right?... Yup, lots of friends. You're very blessed with lots of good online buddies. :)
  • long walks. can't blog without long walks.

    i need to walk a certain distance - looking spaced out but inwardly processing mental images, pictures, thoughts, snippets of dialogue, bits of news and tidbits of gossip - before i can come up with story ideas.

    a cab ride is too short, too fleeting. an MRT ride a bit too distracting. on a couch, the TV and the computer take all the attention. in a cafe, too intimate are the conversations. in a movie house, too cold, too loud. in bed, too sleep-inducing.

    so, long walks = blog brilliance. hehehe. :P

    my real-life buddies don't blog, so i can't talk to them about blogging as frequently as i would like. i go like: "let's talk about my blog again," and they roll their eyes and begin talking about personal matters that i can NOT blog about. :P
  • Thanks for sharing the secret to your blog brilliance formula, Deejay. It's paying handsomely, friend. :)

    Long walks, however, spooks me. Drunks on the streets, too many dogs out there. We have this small hut at the back of the house though. I take my coffee there and think about ideas. Sunday morning is best for doing that. There's no rush, except for the temptation to go back to bed.

    Wow, we have something in common - my pre-blogging buddies don't blog, too. They visit me once in a while in FB but that's just about it. We keep in touch by email and sms.
  • fedhz
    haha! I have to laugh this out, LJ. natatawa nga ung Granny dito. why do you always take pictures of everything?.. sabi naman ng isang tita, bakit pati ung damitan/cabinet pinipicturan mo? ultimo pag poop ni yz sa potty at sa toilet meron akong pics nun.

    yung elementary buddy ko, nakipag break recently sa girlfriend nya. told him to blog na lang para magkaron sya ng ibang outlet. and he's now making a dollar sa adsense. LOL. and ung gf nya naman, pinag blog ko na rin. at shempre, puro kadramahan ang laman. lahat ng makita ko, pinagba-blog ko na. haha. when people ask me, ano friendster/fb acct mo? lagi ko sabi, ung blog ko na ang fb ko. hehe. kung gusto nila ko makontak, visit my blog instead. ^^

    dati inaaway ko si bf na ang dami daming browsers at tabs na nakabukas sa kanya. ngayon, ako 3 browsers - firefox, IE, chrome nakabukas lahat. with 10 tabs each at least. O, anong ginagawa ko dun? sa isa, blogging, sa isa bloghopping, sa isa blogging ulit. san ka pa?

    o yan, LJ. di na ko naglalaba. sa wakas, pumayag na rin si boyfriend na magpalaba na lang sa Laundria. ang kapalit.. ano pa nga ba, eh di lagyan ng laman ung blog nya?

    pag gising namin, computer agad ang kaharap. wala pang mumog at pee un ha. as in bukas agad ng pc/lappy. click click click.. sunod sundo na un. ni hindi na halos huminga. ni hindi na nakakakain. lagi na lang dial 8-mcdo or 8700.. teka bakit di pa din ako tumataba? wahahaha!

  • LOL fedhz ang ganda ng blogging lifestyle mo ha! hihi Well it really changes us a lot especially if you're enjoying what you are doing. Sa sobrang immersed mo/natin sa nagooverflow na to and the result is nashshare natin to sa mga friends natin!

    Keep it up fedhz! Have fun! Extra fun! God Bless! :D
  • fedhz
    Uu nga eh. Naloloka na nga ako. kahit sa pagtulog ko, nakikita ko pa din ung widgets ng DROP at ADGITIZE ME. hehehe. sabi nga din ng ibang commentors, lahat ng makita mo parang good story un para mai-blog. adikness na itech. hehe.
  • Is that true? That's the stuff of your dreams? Mine is different. I had this dream once that Darren Rowse was interviewing me. Imagine that! So that's why Elmot started teasing me as Darren Raw.

    You can take it both ways: Raw as in hilaw. Or Raw as untruth or hallucination. Ahehehe.

    Now, I don't have dreams anymore. I'm so beat with all the late hours I keep that I sleep like a log every single time. :)
  • Fedhz what a lovely comment. Ang sasaya ng mga kwento mo. And I thought was the only one with so many tabs open while on the net. You take the cake! Three browsers? lols

    So that's how it came to be. Now I understand why there are so many emo blogs out there. It's your fault! You drive them to blogging! Ahahaha.

    Must you include in this comment my housekeeping advice to you? OMG. My niche is blogging and writing tips. Not pep talk for mom bloggers. Ahahaha. But I'm happy you'd have now more time for the things you love. Go, go, go.

    But what if you convince granny to take up blogging, too. Ahehehe.
  • fedhz
    hehe. naku, shempre. kelangan alagaan ang blogging hands. ito na nga lang ang aking source of living. kahit di naman ako magaling magsulat, at least kumikita ako ng moolah and meet new friends pa. ang saya saya no? hehe
  • Wow very nice lolo Jan! Hey how ya doin' Roy? Hope everything is going great!

    Well as for me, I think I can enumerate a lot but I'll just sum it up to 2 aspects.

    1.) Became an observer.

    I became a hunter of new post opportunities. Blogging made me appreciate my environment as I became more observant, aware, and immersed to it. I tend to be savvy to try out and learn new things that I may share it on my blog.

    It also made me an observer of myself. (Self-evaluation, self-realization) And I think this is very important as an entrepreneur.

    2.) Ambassador of blogging.

    Like you lolo Jan, everytime I met an entrepreneur or any knowledgeable person whom I think can share great thoughts, I always entice them to start a blog (lol) XD

    Well, I hope I could share more about it but I think it would took a whole post to enumerate them all. Having that said, it actually gives me an idea for my next post (LOL)

    Oh well, bottomline..Blogging is a way of life, online or offline. XD

    Have a great one. God Bless!

  • I love how you put it - ambassador of blogging. Not a preacher. Not a greasy salesman of blogging, but ambassador. Love it. I only need a great macbook and I'd be off to Europe now to spread goodwill. lols

    I'm not above converting those uninitiated to blogging. Because I'm seeing a captive audience? lols. Maybe that, too.
  • Roy
    how blogging changed me? It's like I'm always on a self-imposed assignment - every event, every person you meet on the street, every conversation you overheard, even altercation with the jeepney driver who demands that there are no student fares on saturday, can affect your next blog post.

    and while you're out enjoying your time with your family and friend, at the back of your mind, you are making a journal of everything that's going around you

    but, I don't see myself giving the driver a lecture on blogging or anything, I will not even warn him that I will blog him lol

    what I'm trying to say here really, is that suddenly, everything, even just a small sneeze can be blogworthy... or is it?

  • I have a feeling you're my first commenter. And I'm right! Ahahaha. Yeah, Roy, I'm glad we're on the same page on this. On the rare occasions that I cry, I feel very bad of course. But there's this part of me that records the event. It's the part that shines that horrible light in my face, "So what's the drama all about eh? Don't you think it will be better if you smash the television set with a chair? Great for story, you know?"

    And while I make myself ridiculous with my crying, I'm already writing the first draft of my tempest in a teacup. lols

    It's very hard to take yourself seriously sometimes. In an argument, I hear a little voice inside me, "That lead paragraph of your argument is lame. Revise it."

    Yeah, everything can be worthy of a blog post. A sneeze. A breeze. Even a passerby who dismiss us with a contemptuous, "Sheesh." Ahahaha.
  • Roy
    with the 'consistent time' that you are publishing your posts, who do you expect to be up by that time? lols

    actually, I was about to retire when I saw your tweet, so I immediately rush here ;)
  • @Roy and @Novz: I'm a slow writer. I sit down to write at 6:30pm. I don't unplug from the internet so you can just imagine me writing and taking a peek at what's going on at Twitter or what new email messages have arrived. But that's only when a post is hard to wrestle with. Most of the times though I'm consumed with what I write I forget that Twitter is open and lots of other tabs.

    Come 11pm and I'm still not done with the post? I start to panic. So many things to do still - finding the picture, formatting the post, adding links. You know the drill. Ahahaha.

    So 12 midnight is the ballpark figure. I'm less likely to fly off the handle now when interrupted. Ask Elmot. His talent is to send me texts messages every time I'm writing a post. lols. I've learned to live with it already. What can I tell him, "Hey, bro, genius at work here. Please evaporate?" Ahehehehe. I don't have the heart. Besides, genius needs company. lols
  • jan publish his posts around midnight. why is that? hehe.
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