WritingToExhale and the City

by Jan Geronimo on August 6, 2009

Sunrise over the city that never sleeps

This promdi (hillbilly) blogger goes to Parañaque City on Saturday, 08 August 2009 because there’s a good chance I’d have a place in the Top 10 Influential Blogs of 2009.  Did I do well in Janette Toral’s writing project?  I am not sure yet.

If you’re socially clueless like me and need pointers, Rey Jr has written a good post on how to prepare for a blog event.

This is tough for me, you know?  I’m better read than seen.  And my social skills?  Far from exemplary.  Small talks exasperate me.  What do I say after I say hello?  What if the person I’m seated next to goes on and on how he makes good money on his blog?  Can I give him the glassy eyed stare to indicate I’m bored to tears?  Is that allowed?

And I have a poor attention span.  Two weeks ago, a man sauntered into our little store with a big smile plastered on his face.

“How can I help you, sir?”

“Oh, Mr Geronimo, I have brought your insurance policy. Our Manila office just sent these,” the man said, fishing out papers from a manila envelope, “All we need is your signature, sir.  And you’re all set.”

“What?!   Did not,” I hissed at the insurance agent

“Yes, you did, sir.”

And the man just upped the wattage on his big smile.  It seemed that he had talked me into signing up for an insurance policy at this certain date. According to him, we had already agreed to the terms and type of insurance coverage.

He then talked at length about Longevity – the type of insurance I had allegedly agreed to.   Go to hell – this was the first thought that crossed my mind.  But something clicked inside my head.   I began to like what he’s saying.  And because I can relate it to my aspirations in blogging I relented.

In a nutshell,  I made him happy that day.  I would have preferred to insure my blogging fingers, but there’s a time for that.  Maybe in the future.  But honestly?  I really did not remember that I agreed to his spiel.  Of course, I remembered him coming to the store.  But that’s about it.

It seemed he walked in while I was writing for the blog.  That explained my memory loss then.  I was entirely in a parallel universe at that time.  Of course, he came out of the store smiling.  He was able to get from me insurance premium for one quarter.

Moral lesson learned: Don’t ever agree to what anybody is saying while you’re blogging.  Whoever that person maybe – your wife, significant other, children.  Especially a  salesman. Or you will surely regret it.  Either drop everything, give the interloper your full attention or hang a sign outside, “Genius at work.  Do not disturb.

Which brings me back to my concerns with social events. What if I’m done eating and I’m bored stiff?  Can I whip out my intermediate pad and start outlining a mind map of blog post ideas?  After all, that kind of thing is considered a down time, right?  Can I just beam myself into my parallel universe so I’d enjoy myself?

A few hours ago, I watched a YouTube video of the Top 10 influential blogs of 2008.  Oh boy, the winners took turns at the microphone.  Speeches.  Yay. What could be more horrible for me than that?  I hate speaking in front of strangers.  Not me at all.  Do you think I can live down the experience of wetting my pants in front of these cool and influential bloggers?

I think I should practice in the bathroom mirror.  There’s still time. It’s that or I should bring in some smelling salts just in case.

What about you, guys?  What are the things you’d rather not do as a blogger?

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  • I write blog posts all the time on my blackberry at social events, mostly I write quick haiku's or poems so not to look rude.
  • Great! Thank for information, I'm looking for it for a long time,
  • badudets
    Congratulations Jan! Wooohoo! What's next after this? I think your writings should be seen in a book, pag nangyari yun, I'll be the first one to fall in line for an autograph.

    I haven't watched the videos of the bloggers, pictures pa lang. =)

    I'm bad at social events, I'm terrible in remembering names that's why I'm not fit to be a politician. I'm elusive and aloof at first, but I can be talkative and spontaneous to some... Or socializing depends on my mood, if I'm hungry or sleepy, I won't talk, hehe...
  • Thanks a lot. Ahehehe. Back to having fun at Twitter. That's one thing.
    And catching up on sleep. Well, back to blogging other things and settling
    back to old routines. Langya nasira ng writing project na ito ang
    scheduling of posts ko. Ahahaha. Di bale na yun pagtulog, matagal nang
    sira un. :) Dala ka ng name tags sa party or events at pagpapaskelan mo
    sila. lols.
  • Hi Jan, I guess we're of the same dilemma. I'm not used to socializing, that is not my comfort zone. I'm more comfortable hiding myself from my blog. And, I guess I'm not that confident enough showing my low profile self to the influential bloggers. I'd rather stay at my small shell rather than go outside.

    Anyway, I would like to congratulate you for emerging as the Top Influential Blog this year. I do believe that you deserve it. I love reading your posts. God Bless!
  • leomar
    Hi Jan. I heard you bagged the top spot, the most influential blogger of 2009. Congratulations, sir. Hahanapin ko pa yung speech mo sa YouTube hehehe.
  • Its nice to be here. Congratulations for being the number 1 Filipino blogger.
  • Thanks a lot, Lloyd. :)
  • ark
    "Did I do well in Janette Toral’s writing project?"

    Haha, of course you did! #1 ka nga eh. The best among the lot.

    I have seen your speech video on Youtube. Congrats Jan. You deserve it!
  • You saw it? Waaah. Dyahe. Kainis naman, bat ba nauso pa YouTube. lols. Thanks, Ark. :)
  • ark
    Yes. Mukhang nahihiya ka pa nga doon eh. Kaya pala sa labas ng mandaluyong ang name nung una mong site.
  • Wala kasing maisip na matino nun eh. Noong may two months na ako nagba
    blogging di na ako naaamuse sa blog name ko. ahahaha. Buti na lang nanalo
    ako sa contest - chance to turn over a new leaf. ",)
  • FernandYim
    Well I feel like a puppy lost in the lion's cave in here. Talking about winners and idolized bloggers, do I sound envious here? Laughs! Just kidding. Should I say your blog is really interesting. I like the writing style. Now I know why you emerged as the top blogger this year.

    Last year I joined in the contest as well. Foolish I was that I even voted for myself and guess what, I was the only one who voted for my blog, laughs! And I feel so amazed just reading the winning blogs, admiring you guys and become my inspiration, ouch, here comes the Dramachine!

    Hey congrats!
  • Well, if you joined this year's contest, you'd find yourself not alone. Ahehehe. Because this year, lots of bloggers did that matter of factly. Wala namang masama dun. Nothing in the rules about nominating your own blog. Ahehehe. I almost did that. What prevented me was there's so many qualified blogs. Kulang nga ang ten. I could have voted 20! :)

    Thanks a lot for dropping by and leaving a comment. I'm pleased you find my blog okay. Thanks a lot! :)
  • nobe
    jan! as expected, you won! yehey! i'm so happy because marami sa nasa listahan ko ang nanalo! :)


  • Thanks a lot, Nobe. Sayang di ka umatend. :(
  • "A few hours ago, I watched a YouTube video of the Top 10 influential blogs of 2008. Oh boy, the winners took turns at the microphone. Speeches. Yay. What could be more horrible for me than that? I hate speaking in front of strangers. Not me at all. Do you think I can live down the experience of wetting my pants in front of these cool and influential bloggers?"

    Hahaha! Pareho tayo! hehehe.. takot din ako mag salita sa harap. wooot!
  • I think Doc Z has videos! lol.
    I have a short clip on my post too. Pero hindi speeches!

  • I love that your video did not show me giving a speech or what passed for as speech. Thanks, Rey. Should have drunk tuba first before going up the stage. Ahahaha. Anyway, thanks a lot for your excellent write up about the Awards Night. :)
  • baka wala ng babasa sa comment ko...pang 100 pages na yata...

    basta congratulations to Jan!!! super galing talaga!

    @Roy, naipasyal mo ba si Jan sa atin?
  • Thanks, Eric. Di kami nakapamasyal pero nadaanan ko AUF. And a little of the public market on the way to the bus terminal. lol. It was a very brief visit, Eric. Just paid my respect and said my thanks to a friend and supporter in Pampanga. I'd stay longer sa next visit ko. :)
  • Next time dito naman sa Laguna. yes...I personally inviting you.
  • Wow, Laguna is a cool place. That is wonderful, Eric. :)
  • Kinain ng momo comment ko, Jan. Congrats! sa lahat. Looking at the pics, ang saya saya nyo. Talaga namang Jedi Bloggers are the best!
  • Di kinain ng momo, Luke. Dinitain ng Disqus. Ewan ko ba sa mga ito. Di nakakilala ng mga suki ko dito. Masyadong praning magmoderate. Nailagay ko na nga sa while list un email mo eh. Ahahaha.
  • MoneytiseOnline
    Congrats po at sa lahat ng nanalo! :)
  • Thanks a lot. :)
  • congrats pards...at sa mga jedi bloggers! number wahid(one in arabic).

    eto ako ngayon pards at nasa site nanam at puro alikabok ang ilong dito sa lupang buhangin.
  • congrats for your success of being one of the most outstanding blogs of 2009
  • Salamat, Ever. Nagbunga kakukulit ko sa mga friends. Ang saya lalo siguro
    kung andun ka. Dun po kaya kami nakapuesto sa malamit sa pagkain at
    drinks. Ahehehe.
  • jonistar
    nyay. iba tlga kpag nsa harap k ng mga unfamiliar persons. yung tipong nun m lng tlga nkita. kya nk2hiya at nka2kaba tlga yun. hehe anyway, congrats sir Jan! ^_^
  • Maraming salamat, Joni. Hey, you're so pretty, Joni. Sa malayo at sa malapit you're very lovely. Ang swerte talaga nitong si Kelvin! :) Thanks a lot for this, Joni. Dahil sa support mo at ng mga friends ninyo nanalo kami. Yes!
  • jonistar
    ehehe. gnun po? slmat sir jan. ms swerte po ako ky vin. :)

    Wala po yun. you deserve to be on top. ^_^
  • lemuel
    hi, jan! first of all, Congratulations! i was thinking of attending the event but got stuck here at work, sayang, i could have met you. The most influential for 2008! What an achievement! What is next kaya? I am sure there will be more. anyway, keep up, don't get tired and try to adjust for being famous right now. God bless pre!
  • What's next? To keep on blogging and keeping the passion alive. And to earn something to pay for the webhosting fees. Ahahaha. Funny thing, Lemuel - I don't feel influential at all. Paano ba ang feeling ng ganun? Malay ko ba.

    Blog lang ng blog. That's my goal. And keep friends I click and resonate with. :)
  • lemuel
    sometimes they say that to be on top takes a lot of effort and to maintain on top needs more. yes, i think blogging has been your passion since day one and i am sure you will be blogging for the next one hundred years (will blogging stand the test of time?). but for now, just enjoy.... on what you do best. hopefully i still be around to see you achieve more. congratulations again.

    yup i think you do have to learn to earn while blogging. to pay for your hosting, or maybe a little more to pay for your coffee or buy a macbook?......:)
  • Wow! Congratulations for being one of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2009! :)
  • Ok. Hmmm. Not sure what to say, but, OMG I was really late. Just checked the winners on Janettes blog and it is you. You The Man...lol

    Congratulations my friend. You certainly deserved it.

    To all the top 10 influential bloggers, I extend my congratulations as well.
  • Thanks, Ditesco. It's just a blog contest but we've lots of fun that night. The big catch is that I've finally come to meet all these wonderful online friends. Well, not all of them, but there's always the next one.
  • I guess I am too late to encourage you on your event, but nevertheless I sincerely hope that everything went well and that you been a chosen one:) knowing a little about you, I am sure that your next blog post will be somewhere within the lines of this event. have a great weekend
  • at ako nga pala si petit ng scribbled memories. ano ba itong disqus comment provider mo, na obvious tuloy name ko..huhuhu...wala kasing pagpipiliang blogger.
    naninibago lang ako.
  • Hei, kahit magburka ka pa, friend, kilala kita. Ahehehe. Nice you have free time today to drop by. Thanks a lot. You can use your twitter or facebook account to log in here. :)
  • dear Jan,
    Congratulations! you are number one. when I joined the blogger world, I never thought I am with the best Filipino bloggers. I should have voted straight for the jedi bloggers, but opened the mail too late. however, you still got the first place. wow.
    whatever you are doing, just keep it up. you are an angel to the philippine blogosphere.
    this is it for now, masyado na akong OA.
  • It's okay. I know you are very busy so it's all right. We've made it, including Dee. See? Ahahaha.
  • fedhz
    waw. kaya pala kahit galing pa kung saang sulok ng mundo eh hahamakin ang lahat maka-attend lang hehehe. huhu. sayang di ako nakapunta. kahit di me nanalo, gusto ko lang din kayo ma-meet. kaso walang mapag iwanan ng bata. (pwede naman ipostpone ang labada at plantsahin, ne?)

    korek! wala dapat istorbo kapag nagba-blog. lalu na pag seryoso ako tapos biglang mag pm sakin ang boyfriend. asus, parang di kame nasa isang kwarto lang at nasa kabilang lamesa lang ako. pasaway!

    hehe. so nagamit mo ba ung speech mo na ni-practice mo sa harap ng magic mirror mo?
  • I don't know, Fedhz. Di ko na maalala pinagsasabi ko dun. Sinapian yata ako dun eh. Ahahaha. Oo something is in the works for September. Sana makasama ka naman sa amin. Di ganyang binuburo mo lang pagka cute mo sa paglalaba. :) Go out naman minsan minsan.
  • fedhz
    Wow, sana sa malapit lang. baka naman sa Mindoro yan, LJ. hehehe. sarap naman pakinggan nun. sana nga makalabas labas naman.. super bored to death na ko kahit online ako araw araw. hehe.
  • Hello Jan,

    Although I was not able to attend the Eyeball Event, nagkita naman tayo afterwards. It was great meeting the brilliant writer behind "Writing to Exhale". It is as if I've known you for years.

    I "knew" how you would be in person, wali. Don't forget next month!
  • Thanks, Jen. I was just an excited kid, happy to bring home a great report card to "Mom." I'm happy you've not found me a disappointment in person. Yipee. ahahaha.

    Okay, here's looking forward to next month. :)
  • fedhz
    wow! may after Event meeting pa kayo? huhu. sana ako rin nakapunta. sayang naman ang pag out of the country ni Lolo jan para lang maka attend ng event. waaah! meron next month? hehe.
  • adaphobic
    Hi Kuya Jan! Nice meeting you last night! Pareho tayo, hindi sanay magspeak hehe!! Kakaba! You're the apple of the eye that night!
  • Crisiboy
    oo nga pacute si ada habang nagsspeech..muntik pa maiyak..nyahahahaha pashytype pero kulit kasama and kabiruan..hehehe
  • Thanks, Ada. At last we've met. :) Can I use some of your photos in Flickr? Ang gaganda ng shots mo. Yun dala kong camera galit sa pagmumukha ko eh. Buti pa yun camera mo di sinungaling. Iyon sa aking camera e ewan ko ba. lols.

    Congrats, Ada. :)
  • fedhz
    hi, ada. lagi ka nga nasa mga events and interview sa tv, di pa rin sanay? hehe. ^^ congrats nga pala.
  • Hey Jan was nice to finally meet the man behind the blog oh and the most 'influenza' blogger of 2009. Cheers!

    BTW, si thirdworldgeek din pala to. :D
  • Ahahaha. I'm so glad you let me off the hook that lovely afternoon regarding you know what. I'm a big fan of yours actually notwithstanding all those Naruto posts. Skip ko na lang sila - marami damang ibang mababasa eh. :) This is not me backtracking. Okay, maybe a little - ahahaha. It's so hard to resist you with your funny asides and wonderful sense of humor. I'm pleased I've finally the chance to meet you and bloggista. :)
    Omg, disqus...

    di ko lam kung pumasok yung unang comment ko jan. pero babatiin lang kita for winning. as i have said you deserve a recognition for your writings more than just being "influential".

    since it will be your first event, enjoy and make some more friends!
  • @Crisiboy - Pumasok naman, friend, un comment mo. Kung minsan kasi may sumpong ang Disqus. :) Thanks a lot, Crisiboy.

    @Mon - Sayang you did not make it to the program. :) But thanks a lot, Ramon.

    @Buraot: Thanks, kabayan. Coming from a kabayan makes this very special to me. :)
  • fedhz
    ano prob sa disqus? ako ito, di ko makita ung cursor kaya di ko alam kung magta-type na ba ko hehe.

    di ka ba umatend kuya buraot? ^^
    parang nagugulamihanan ako sa disqus eh. hehehhe. di rin ako naka-attend kahit gusto ko, mahal tiket. hehehhe.
  • fedhz
    Waah! may bayad ba? ahehe.
  • jan, i guess you had no choice but to attend the event coz i think you were a winner. wahahah! talk about you not wanting it yet winning it. congrats!

    "influential" or not, you deserve the recognition for your writing.

  • Congrats Kuya Jan for being on top 1!
  • pmonchet
    Wow! Top 1. Congratulations po.
  • Crisiboy
    wahhh di pumapasok comment ko...spam na yata ako dito..anyways congrats sa mga winners....sayo jan and kay doc z....nice meeting you guys too..
  • congrats Jan...ayos top winner..nice meeting you also...kakabilib dumayo ka pa talaga sa manila to get the award..yahooo..
  • Congrats for bagging the top spot Jan! And nice meeting you too. As I said to you personally last night, I really admire your writing skills. Keep it up!
  • CONGRATULATIONS LOLO JAN! woot! You deserve it!
  • Thanks, Rey. I would have gladly given the five minutes to you so you can spice up the evening with your lovely voice. Wala e, may pa-speech speech pa silang nalalaman. Sayang! Next time, I' d lobby strongly for it. :)
  • yow jan! nice meeting you yesterday! yay! :D will wait for your Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs post :D hehe
  • Jehz, at last, we've met. I just hoped I said something sensible to you. Dapat kasi pag friends bawal na ma-star struck ano. Wala eh, it can't be helped. ahahaha.
  • Wow! anong text message yun? hahhahaha! pa forward namna sa akin.. wooooooot! :D yay! nice meeting you! Punta ka ulit sa ibang blogger events ha. Yiheeeeee :D

    2006 ako nag start mag blog.. hehehe. Til now newbie parin me no. Woooot! kasi pag hindi na newbie, di na nag cocomment sa ibang blogs at di na nakikipag friends sa ibang bloggers. basta post ng post lang siya sa blog nya kasi alam nya marami syang readers. Kagaya ni ______. Sikat na masyado. Kahit e e-mail mo na "pwede ka ba mag comment sa post ko kasi interesting yung post ko eh baka may ma comment or ma suggest ka", hindi na sya mag rereply.. mga ganung bloggers. hehe :D
  • wooot! di naman ako star eh.. so why struck diba? wahehehe :D
  • Kasi when did you start blogging ba? 2005? 2006? Matagal na rin. You
    must have forgotten na how it feels for a newbie blogger getting noticed by
    an established one. That's what I meant. It's very encouraging to be
    noticed. Sa akin lang naman. May isa ka ngang importanteng text noong Feb
    12, 2008 nasa inbox ko pa eh. Pero I'm not a stalker. Iyong message mo nga
    ang lurker sa inbox ko eh. lols. Thanks for dropping by, Jehz. :)
  • fedhz
    wow! umatend ka rin? sayang di ako nakapunta. huhu. na-late ung traje de boda outfit ko hehehe. ^^
  • yep yep.. hehehe
  • naku Manong Jan (hehe), we share the same predicament. I hate doing speeches. I hate speaking in front. I think that's one quality na common sa IBANG bloggers. nire-release lang nila yung mga nasa isip thru writing, anyway, good luck sa event. goodluck sa speech! sana pwede kong mapanood sa youtube. hehe. congrats again.
  • @Badongskie: The foul evidence is out there somewhere. Ahahaha. OMG. We have so many things in common. Are you sure we're not related? :)
  • what if i tell you that we are indeed related? tatanggapin niyo ba ko? lol. I'm currently watching your speech sa youtube! haha! nice voice! mamaya yung ibang winners naman
  • what if i tell you that we are indeed related? tatanggapin niyo ba ko? lol. I'm currently watching your speech sa youtube! haha! nice voice! mamaya yung ibang winners naman
  • what if i tell you that we are indeed related? tatanggapin niyo ba ko? lol. I'm currently watching your speech sa youtube! haha! nice voice! mamaya yung ibang winners naman
  • fedhz
    ako rin. kahit madaldal ako na sha-shy pa din ako kapag nasa harap na ng mdaming tao. iba pa rin shempre kapag lahat nakatingin na sayo, kesa one on one lang diba? parang bawat kilos, kurap, hinga eh binibilang. yay!
  • Better read than seen? If that's the case then just write your speech and present it via PowerPoint. If they have questions, they just type it ala comment. lol Just kidding, Jan. The question is not whether you can speak in front of them but whether they are worthy to hear your speech. :-D
  • lovely01
    hi sir jan... thank you for visiting my blog you really deserve the nomination..
    wish you all the luck :)
  • Thanks, Lovely. I'm very pleased you took the time to drop by. :)
  • A quote for you: "Keep in mind that every challenge, great or small, is moving you to look deeper and draw forth the highest in you. You're never given a challenge beyond your ability to meet and master. You'll rise above every circumstance because you're greater than any circumstance."

    Alan Cohen

    And my salute to all the Jedi Bloggers.
  • Too late, Joji. I'm just reading it now and I already messed up my speech. Ahahaha. Well, there's another chance maybe. So all is not lost. Hey, that's a lovely quote - thank you! :)
  • zorlone
    Okay! Where have I been? hmm... let's see. I think I was fixing my blog. (Lighting struck and missed) Okay, okay, I asked someone to do the dirty work for me. (A thunder was heard from the distance). hmm.. I wonder what the great influential Lolo Jan would say on stage. Will he meet the expectations of the bloggers? Uhm, that was a rhetorical question. Of course, he will! No doubt about that. I would better get my mobile dictionary ready to pick up new words from this genius.

    Okay kidding aside, I would be honored to stand side by side with my Lolo Jan, even if we were just in line to get dinner on a buffet table. hehehe.

    At least I already know how Roy, Snow, Mon, Novs, thirdworldgeek, and Jonel looks like. And Janette too! Jeez, it sure brings back memories about the iblog5 summit. Yikes, I think I got lost from my monotonous speech here. Excuse me...

    Sorry about the insurance, I am sure that would come in handy soon, okay, not that soon. I better bring my stethoscope and see if there are any failing screws in that heart of yours.

    See you later LJ!

  • Let's not talk about me, Doc Z. Let's talk about you. Remember I told you how great your speaking voice is? Okay, here's my suggestion. I think you had better learn podcasting. Please make that an option in your posting. Something like, "You can also listen to this poem in podcast."

    I love your voice. There's no reason any other human being would find it otherwise. Think about it, Doc Z. Your poem rendered in that great voice will be great.

  • zorlone
    Come to think of it! I would love to do that! wow! podcast. I hope my tech
    support team knows how to do that so I can get set up already.

    Great idea!

    Thank you!

  • badudets
    Doc Z, you can try Odiogo.com to make your own podcast, it's a text-to-speech nga lang kaya Jan and the rest of the world won't hear your speaking voice.
  • fedhz
    hehe. kaya nga ayoko rin umatend kase baka di ako maka-relate. nakakahiya naman na mag glance ako sa thesaurus while kausap ko kayo diba? at least kung online lang, isang click lang, alam ko na pinagsasabi nyo. heheh!

    wow, saya naman. lagi kang umaatend sa mga blogging event. ako sa maliliit na EB palang. exciting diba? sana kase sa malapit lapit naman para sandali ko lang maiiwan ang aking chikiting. hehe. ^^
  • Guest
    Well Kuya Jan, ngayon pa lang - win or lose, congrats sa iyo! You are indeed influential to me whether you like it or..not! :)

    See you there! ;)
  • Thanks a lot, Snow. I'm happy I've finally met you. Thanks for joining us at the table. I had a blast talking with you and listening to your stories. :)
  • fedhz
    amen. sakin din. ang lakas ng powers no? hehe.
  • Consider that sanctimonious smile I told you about in my previous comment as a fortune smiley as that what it's actually meant and not supposed to be a bad omen. When I posted that haiku-like comment, I had in mind Garfield with that trademark grin of his, hehe...

    But I am referring to the two-facedness of this smile laden with a mixture of happy and tensed excitement. Getting the jitters is but natural but I know you have prepared so well for this Jan . And I want to congratulate you now and would love to see you in YouTube soon. ",)
  • Joji, please don't go searching in Youtube. Ahahaha. Baka mawala mga ilusyones mo sa iyong friend. Look at the posted pictures na lang - especially Ada of Adaphobic.com. Ewan ko ba ang gaganda ng kuha ng pictures ko dun. Guess ko lang matalino at magaling makisama ang camera nya. Ahehehe.
  • Saw Ada's pics na nga kahapon at nilagay ko na sa aking post, hehe....At tapos na rin ako nanood sa speeches ninyo ni DocZ, Roy, Kelvin (ba un?) at U, hehehe. Walang problema ang aking mga ilusyoneses et impresyoneses, di un dependent sa speech mo in the vernacular, di naman kelangan nun eh? Dito ako sa blog mo ogling like mad and inhaling your sterling writes, ehehehe...kaya okey na okay ka Lolo ka, favorite pa rin kita. Pati na si Roy, DocZ, etz. To the top 10, i am giving you a 1o din, hehe...
  • Ada's pics are great. I look like a human being in Ada's pics. Ahahahaha. May respeto sa Lolo Jan ang kanyang camera. Mag iipon ako ng pera. Bibili rin ako ng camera gaya ng kanya. In fairness ha? Di sinungaling un camera, unlike dun sa camera kong bitbit napaka alaskador. Ahahaha
  • Dee
    Well, if someone starts talking about how she makes money on her blog, don't worry about it - send her to me and I'll be all hears to know. That'll make the night much more interesting. For me.
  • elmot
    Hahahhahahhahahhhhhhhha! Astig LJ! You should have told that nagging sales agent to stop disturbing you. I think you posted the wrong poster on your door. It should have not been "genius at work, do not disturb". It should have been this way, "Influential Blogger. Go away!"

    Hahhaha! We are all excited with your speech bro!!!!! yahooooooooooo!
  • @elmot: Making speeches is right up your alley, bro - not mine. Good thing, I did not bust a vein up there. Ahahaha. Nice meeting you, Mr. Minor Blogger. :)

    @fedhz: Dios mio, bat naman napasok un bawal umihi dito sa usapan? Ahahaha. Just kidding. Ikaw kasi di ka umatend pinapagtripan tuloy kita ngayon. Ang daya mo! Ipinagpalit mo kami sa isang plangganang labahin. Ibang klase ka. lols
  • fedhz
    LOL. uu tama. dapat kase to the point. kapag "do not" lalung gagawin yan. like "bawal umihi dito".. diba lalong umiihi dun ung mga tao. so if you said, "Go away!" mas straight and directive. hehehe.

    siguro bata yun kase diba pag sinabi mo sa bata, "Don't do this/that" mas lalu nilang gagawin kase nang aasar sila hehe.
  • Or better post "The efficacy of my being an influential blogger does not cover insurance agents. If you are one, shooo!" Hehehe, oo nga, Elmot, excited ako masyado sa speech ni Jan, super admire ako sa kanyang mga posts, and I am sure na mas lalo pa siyang magaling dun sa speech. Sana makita ko sa youTube. Kaya Jan relax ka lang, ikaw pa, galing mo, eh, super!
  • Hehehe..liked the story about the salesman..So that explains how serious you really are with your blogging, Mr. writing to exhale. ;) hehehe..

    Hinay..hinay lang kc Jan. hehe..Anyways, have fun on the event..Don't worry other Jedis will come to the rescue if you happened to wet yourself while on stage..lol..
    Hope you could update me on twitter..I can't attend the event, you know..mother thing..hehehe..my hubby will have OT on that day kc..Give my regards to other JEDI bloggers who will be attending...

    Congratulations in advance!

    Mommy MJ
  • Thanks, MJ. No accident happened. Ahehehe. Na-short circuit lang brain while doing the speech. I would rather write 10 posts straight than doing a speech. lols. But I'm glad it's over. Thanks for supporting your Jedi blogger friends. We did all right, MJ. :)
  • Hi MJ, pareho tayong di naka attend. But it is posted over a number of blogs and videos to boot. Kaya parang andoon na rin tayo.

    Happy blog hopping. Miss you girl.
  • hey, jan! just text me. if you need a small audience para ma rehearse mo yung 7-page speech mo, we're more than willing.
  • elmot
    oo nga bro, lets meet up early para makarehearse si LJ!

    @LJ: ready na ba ang gucci suit mo? wahahha
  • fedhz
    @ceblogger, wow. sige ako rin makikinig sa rehearsal. hehe.
    @elmot: hehe. san ba yang meet up na yan? LOL. sayang di ako nakapunta. hehehe.
  • Kuya Fedhz, ang daya mo. Di ka dumating. Nabasan tuloy ng isa ang mga cute dun sa Awards Night. :)
  • fedhz
    Hehe. uu nga eh. ang layo kase eh. ano naman ang ginawa nyo after ng Event? sana pinuntahan nyo me. hehe.
  • Toinkz, ano kaya yun. Di namin alam sa inyo. Buti man lang kung pagkapehin
    mo kami. E pano kung dalhim mo kami sa labahan. Ahahaha
  • fedhz
    O sige, ganito na lang. Paglabahin ko muna kayo, habang pinagtitimpla ko kayo ng kape. hehehe. ^^ ano po ba ung sa September? para makapag ipon na ako hahaha.
  • Grabe naman to. Ang mga kondisyones mo, Ineng. ahahaha. Baka sinangag
    lang na bigas un kape mo ha? Galingan mo. ahahaha. Wait for announcement.
    May nabago yata sa dates eh. :)
  • fedhz
    hehe. pano nga ba ung may bigas sa kape? hehehe. gagalingan ko saan? naku, excited na ako sa meeting. kakanta daw si @reyjr?
  • good luck jan. i always believe in you since our first encounter. but i don't think you are nervous.
  • Nhoel


    thanks a lot!
    -Nhoel of www.keywordspeak.com
  • Roy
    You'll do well Jan... I knew you would... ;)

  • Roy
    See Jan, you did well... "The Man of the Hour" ;)

    hope you had a great time in Angeles Jan


  • The night at your place was a very nice wrap up to the evening. As I mentioned before, drinking coffee with you - with us doing post mortem to the whole blog contest - was very enjoyable. It felt like home. :)
  • Ahahahhaha you are just tensed! Relax... nobody will swallow you alive! Just bring your charm... naks! Surely you will be okay... or better yet... great! Congrats in advance for tomorrow!
  • Jaydee, I kept scanning the tables, looking for your mega watt smile. You were not there. Sayang! But maybe next time. :)
  • I love the story (about the insurance thing), nakarelate ako dun.. LOL

    me, too, iniisip ko kung paano ako makikisalamuha sa mga bloggers (or strangers)! Hindi pa naman ako sanay ng gnun... anyway, mgandang experience din un... mgandang challenge.. :P
  • Huh?! Master Jedi is nervous..Nahhhh this is Jedi mind trick..I don't believe you! Seriously, you will have fun Jan. You're with the best bloggers in the country and like what they said, birds with the same feather are the same birds.

    Well, hope you guys have a great time. If I was home, I will attend but unfortunately the factory needs me.
  • Now, I'm sorry I wrote the above post. It became prophetic. Not because I fainted - that's too melodramatic. lols. But because I successfully managed to fudge my speech. Ahahaha. What a mess. If I were not going to Pampanga that same night, I would have drunk myself silly.

    But in balance all went well. I had a great time with friends. That's the bottom line for me: cementing friendships.

    @Crisiboy: Iba po kaya ang writing a post sa making a speech. Basta. Mahirap sa aming mga shy type. Ahahaha. Lolo na shy pa rin. Ibang klase noh?
  • Crisiboy
    oo nga parang di ako makapaniwala na parang hindi si Jan na nagsusulat ang nagsasalita sa harap ngayon..nyahahahaha
  • fedhz
  • Roy
    haha! "Jedi mind trick" lols

    I don't believe it either Rob... I'm sure Jan can dish out that winning address... I just know it

  • This reminded me of a contest in Angeles. When the host and the winner, a very nervous winner, were face-to-face, here's what happened:

    Host: Ms. Teresa, why did you join this contest?
    Teresa: Me? Joining this contest? Why did? Thank you..

    Medyo corny but she was really nervous and wasn't able to really say something sensible.

    Sorry Jan, got carried away.
  • Crisiboy
    yahh mee too can imagine na nervous si Jan..parang kabaligtaran kasi sa writing skilss parang confident un pala mahiyain sa harap ng tao..hehehe
  • elmot
    ahahha! nice one rob! wahhaha!

    can't imagine master yoda so nervous, eheheh!
  • Roy
    hahaha! nice one Rob! hehe...

    we'll just make sure coffee is available at the place Jan ;)

  • Wow, you're actually leaving for Manila to attend a blogging event? I'm so happy for you my friend. Make sure you guys take lots of photos during the event and don't forget to post them and share it with us, okay?

    For the part where you hate doing speeches, just write down your speech in advance so you'll just have to read it when you get on stage. ;)
  • Forgettable speech. But I had a great time with friends and sizing up new ones. Good thing we arrived early and had coffee with friends. So we had time to bond and share stories and swap jokes.
  • dear jan,
    I agree. Been there too. Don't do blog commenting whenmed reps are lining up to showcase their drug, even if it doesn't interest you. chances are, you might misunderstand a blog and publish a wrong out-of-nowhere comment. nakakahiya!

    I find it difficult to slip a blog on my site these days, where as ikaw, hindi ko na ma reach. you are already into blog summits right? It's cool to know how far you've gone. Saludo din ako kay doc z, doctor din kasi pero yakang yaka, siguro naka 0n-line ang mobile phone while making rounds. Well, ako, sasali na lang sa cheering squad nyo. at least may taga hanga kayo. cheers!
  • Lolo Jan! hahaha! First off, thanks for the link! :D
    2nd - hey, it's my 1st blogging event too. Although sitting in a roomful of strangers in nothing new to me, the prospect still gives me nerves. Knowing one person in the crowd makes a huuge difference. But seeing we are all seeing each other for the first time after being so casual and candid on the world wide web, I'm also anxious: will it translate to "real life"? Maybe, maybe not. Who knows? But I'm willing to find out! :D

    Thirdly: I think you'll do just wonderfully in your acceptance speech! If you hear someone wooting from the crowd, that'll be me. ;) woot! In case you faint, I'm bringing my car, so I can drive you to the nearest ER. lol!
  • It was an honor meeting and shaking your hands, Jan! Congratulations!
  • And I'm so proud to have met you, Roel. Being with you for only several
    hours has made me feel like the real deal: a fire-breathing, original
    Influenza Blogger. Meeting you and Boni has made me feel like a
    multi-awarded blogger that night. Yahoo!
  • fedhz
    wow. ang sweet naman. ung first meet up ko rin with the girl bloggers, kaloka. kala ko ma-shy ako, eh. nyak. shempre diba feeling close ko na rin ung iba dun. pero un, saya saya naman. ^^
  • hee hee, when I arrived at Forum Hall, the first one i recognized was Roy, so i immediately approached him and said "Roy right?" and he was "who is this?"

    hahaha! just kidding Roy! :D
  • Roy
    hahaha! it's that "who is this" reaction, but I was not sure kung ako nga ang kinakawayan mo nung nasa pinto ka pa... baka yung sa likod pala hehe...

  • fedhz
    @reyjr @roy: LOL. di nga? ang cute nun ha. hehe. buti nga ganun eh. ako Kuya Fedhz tawag ng iba sakin. waaah!
  • Crisiboy
    nanalo ka ba raffle bro??nice meeting you at last..hehehe
  • Thanks. Yun Pagcor bag na red with t-shirt inside and some souvenirs. Pero I had a blast meeting new friends. Nahiya ako lumapit sa table nyo. Ahehehe.
  • Crisiboy
    bakit ka naman nahihiya..ayusss..oo nga sayang hindi man lang tyo nakapagkwentuhan ng matagal..hehehe pero congrats again Jan ang galing mo Top 1 ka sa sampung blogs....
  • Thanks a lot, Chris. Di naman ibig sabihin magagaling na kami. The best
    interpretation siguro ay we are getting popular. At matindi kaming
    magnetwork. Translate: twisting arms? lols. No, I am just kidding. :)
  • nice meeting you guys..ayos ha..nanalo ka ba sa raffle..hehehe
  • if he'll faint, nandyan naman si Doc Z! lol!
  • zorlone
    Good thing he didn't! LOL. I was seated in the back when he spoke. LOL

  • fedhz
    @ceblogger: mouth to mouth resuscitation sila? hehe.
  • Your post surprised me, Rey. I did not expect this is going to be your first blogging event you'd attend, too. Oh, I see, those eyeballs don't count. Ahehehe. Oo nga naman.

    "But seeing we are all seeing each other for the first time after being so casual and candid on the world wide web, I'm also anxious: will it translate to "real life"? Maybe, maybe not. Who knows? But I'm willing to find out!"

    Nice. This is on my mind, too. But not being driven to the nearest ER. Oh boy, that's worst. I can't live that down. ",)
  • Rey, don't forget ha, your singing engagement on Sept. 5. lol.
  • Roy
    o kitam! andito na nga pala ang announcement hehe...

    see you soon Rey!

    fedhz, sinabi mo yan a, walang bawian... sama mo si hubby, siya naman ang magpi-picture this time hahaha!
  • Hehe, I'll write it in my planner under singing engagements. lol!
  • fedhz
    wow! kantahan? san yan? sama ako ehe. ^^ v
  • Is DOc Z coming too? if he is,,heheheh...okay lang if you fainted Jan..At least he's there to give you CPR...lol.... Just kidding!

    Just enjoy the event! Try to be as nice as possible to other bloggers but without making it too exaggerate, baka magmukhang d totoo naman,,hehehhe..

    Can't wait to see your videos on you tube. Upload mo agad Rey! heheh

  • Thanks a lot, MJ. I did not faint though. Nangongo lang. Ahehehe. Thanks for helping us win, MJ. :)
  • Roy
    I guess, it would translate to real life... after all, what we are showing here is what we really are, right?

  • Roy
    there will be another eyeball, I'm sure Jena have already told about it... and we'll make sure you will sing next time hehe...

    nice meeting you ;)

    oo nga, aside from the introduction, there was never really any awkward moment hehe...
  • fedhz
    @reyjr: bat ayaw sumama ni gf? protection? naku ha. hahaha
  • fedhz
    @roy: uu nga. konting warm up lang kunware, then daldalan to the max. How i wish di ko na miss tong event na to. kwento naman kayo. waaah!
  • wahehe. we never pushed through with any of the previously scheduled eyeballs. so, this will really be the first time ill see all y'all. I wanted to bring my gf (for protection from the hoards of screaming fans) but she declined. :p

    So you'll have to protect me. hahahaha!
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