Too Big For My Breeches – Part 2

by Jan Geronimo on August 11, 2009

The Influenza Bloggers arrived at Casino Filipino in full force to attend the awarding of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2009.  Being experts at optimization,  the group chose a table nearest the buffet table.  In SEO terms, our group landed on the first page of SERP or within smelling distance of it.

I chose, however, the next table to be with Roy and his three kids Ralph, Edgar and Angel. Not because I was getting eclipsed by the star power of the Influenza Bloggers.  Are you kidding me?  These are whiz kids, mind you.  The future of blogging.  Let me tell you why:

  1. Edgar’s full name is Edgar Allan.  Sounds familiar?  Roy explains it thus: “When someone asks his name?  Of course his answer will be, “Edgar Allan po.”  Get it?
  2. Angel is not the apple of his father’s eyes for nothing.  Angel is a poet and a future blogger – if only Roy can make up his mind soonest.  Edgar Allan wrote a poem which Roy earlier published on his blog.  Little did he knew that it was a collaborative work between Edgar and Angel.  This is Roy’s post on his children’s poem .
  3. Ralph’s full first name is Ralph Emerson.  Does that ring a bell to you? He is already a blogger, but it’s a private blog for the meantime.

See what I’m getting at?  These are the truly emerging and influential bloggers of tomorrow.  But for the meantime let’s make do with -

Winners of Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2009

  1. Writing to Exhale
  2. Patay Gutom
  3. The Struggling Blogger
  4. Zorlone
  5. Father Blogger dot Com
  6. Kelvinonian Ideas 2.0
  7. Tales from the Mom Side
  8. Adaphobic
  9. Lakwatsero
  10. Let’s Go Sago!

Photo Credit: Ada of

We arrived at the Casino Filipino not knowing the ranking of the winners. We each got an email from Ms. Janette Toral that we made it to the top 10, but she withheld the ranking to keep us in suspense.

Wish you were here

Dee was not around to receive her award.  Grrrr!   And the woman who dreamed big for her surrogate sons and daughters was absent, too.

I have a mild suspicion we as Jedi bloggers have what it takes it be brillia

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  • john
    I have visited and read the "10 most influential blog of 2009" and wonder what makes them "influential".
  • Hi, thanks for leaving a comment. I can only speak for myself. Here's my
    take on this tag: I'm a bit uncomfortable with the "influential" part of
    it. I'd be more comfortable if one adds emerging to it, making it emerging
    influential blogs.

    It's not something we arrogate unto ourselves. Whether we become truly
    influential in the future lies not on the cited blogs, but on the readers
    perception of them. Have we made significant impact on readers? Have we
    been useful or do we just add to noise in the blogosphere? That remains to
    be seen.

    It's an exciting blog contest. We have come to know lots of fellow bloggers
    and readers. If only for this it had been worth the bother.
  • Naalala ko pa yung mga buntong-hininga ni kuya jan at that day. Wahaha.
  • Lyle, you're kidding me. I did? And when was that exactly? Ahahaha.

    @Reyjr: I was concentrating very hard to channel the forces of the cosmos so I'd win the $100. Failed. My concentration was shot - I kept overhearing Lyle's hearty asides and Yatot's one-liners.

    I was telling the guys before I'd gladly donate my five minutes just so the Jedi bloggers and the whole gathering could hear you sing. I chickened out obviously. Janette as you know rebuffed my suggestion before and that's in email. it would have been hard to live down being rebuffed in such a gathering. :)
  • Hahaha... I wasn't paying attention anymore to the raffle ~ i think my brain short circuited and misinterpreted the $100 to be P100 hahah...

    The singing bit, I guess, will have to wait a bit more. I'm afraid now that you're building it up too much in your imagination that I'm already doomed to fail when you hear it live. Haha!

    Soon LJ! Soon!
  • Well, we're friends in YouTube anyway. I'd just go check it out occasionally. I'm just a proud Lolo who uses every occasion to trumpet his favorite grandsons' awesomeness. :)
  • Nagbuntung hininga nung nag announce ng #1? :D

    ps. pogi ng picture ah. pormal na pormal! :D hehehe!

  • mukaso
    Awwoooo! saraappp naman nyan...
  • Hi, Jan. Looking at the pictures and your videos, I want to meet you na tuloy. You look like you're a gentle person naman pala. I used to tiptoe around here so I figured that being in the same room with you and Roy in an EB like this would be quite intimidating.

    -si lucrecio po.
  • Luke, social events overwhelm me. I'd rather sit nearest the table of food or drinks. I may not be the life of the party, but I'd make sure I'd never go home hungry. Ahahaha. In real life, I don't speak unless spoken, too. That's me - I'd rather listen to somebody else's bulls... er story than hear myself talk.

    I sat down with Roy because I feel we've the same temperament. And because his kids are wonderful and fun to watch. :)
  • hindi tayo gaanong nagkausap last event kuya jan! sayang.. hehe

    anyway, lagi naman may next time.. ^___^
  • Paano kaya tayo mag uusap ay shy ka, shy rin ako. Pero it's nice to have met you in person, Kelvin. Nahiya akong pumunta sa table nyo. Kasi pulos kayo mga bata dun, lalong lulutang pagiging lolo ko sa table nyo. Ahehehe. Yes, next time, I'd try harder not be too timid. :)
  • Wahaha, ako din gusto ko lumapit kaya lang puro bagets.
    I conceded instead to just taking a photo with the young-uns.

    Wahehe, feeling matanda. Oops, walang ko kontra.
  • I'm glad I have a picture taken with you. Kulang na lang autograph. Silly
    me - I totally forgot that. Bummer. :)
  • Kelvs, may nakalagay kasi dun sa table namin. WARNING: Mild insanity after sitting with these dorks.
  • First, Congratulations for being the Top. And I agree with you that it is really the friendship that matters.

    On the lighter side, I noticed that most of the winners are male, why is that? :)
  • Minniemadz, Thanks a lot. We used the occasion to have fun. Fun conversations over coffee and beer and finger foods - that's before the awarding. Novz has the foresight to gather us before the ceremonies so we can bond together.

    And then after the awarding, most of the guys had fun again. The night was young still young after all. Videoke to the max. No worries, nobody had death wish that night - everyone gave the song "My Way" a wide berth. Ahahaha.

    Can't figure that out, too. Let me guess though - because female bloggers have better things to do in life? Ahahaha. You know, like a real career, raising kids, the more important stuff in life? :)
  • ...because female bloggers have better things to do in life? Ahahaha. You know, like a real career, raising kids, the more important stuff in life?

    How sweeeeet to hear a man acknowledging that! ;)
  • I'm very pleased you've noticed that. :) That's very typical Filipino
    household. Husband goes to work. Husband gives paycheck to wife. Husband
    goes out to drink with his buddies. Husband watches television while wife
    does all the household chores. It's great to be a man in the Philippines.

    My father wasn't like that though. Lols. But many Filipino husbands fit
    that stereotype.
  • Many [fill in any nationality] husbands are like that. I consider myself quite fortunate - my husband isn't like that at all. I married a good man.
  • Ah well, you're very lucky. Congrats. :)
  • Or maybe, females were already outspoken that they don't need to write it anymore. While males are more expressive in terms of writing. They wanted to be read than heard? :)
  • That's a nice way of putting it. ",) Women are more expressive - no problem articulating anything offline and online. And there's more to putting it on the blog - men have more time composing their thoughts. No wife, no gf tut tutting them while they're writing down their thoughts, "Oh really."

    Generally, men have it easy, right? Especially around these parts? So many chores for women.
  • dr_shygirl09
    congratulations po! you really deserved to win the number one slot...
  • Thanks a lot, Dr_Shygirl. :)
  • Congratulations Jan on your award. It is certainly earned and well deserved. Best of luck in the future, as well.

    Happy Blogging!
  • Thanks a lot, Barbara. :)
  • dragonblogger
    Huge congrats to you and all who placed in the top ten, you are all a top notch bunch of bloggers.
  • Thanks a lot, Justin. :)
  • theweblogzone
    Hey, Congratulations Jan! Like Jaypee said, it's a well deserved award. :) Congrats to all those who made it to the Top 10. And those who didn't, cheer up, there's always next year. Besides, there are tons of online competition you can join. Cheers to everyone! :)

    Thanks to Ms. Janette Toral and everyone who helped for all the efforts putting up this event. Congrats for a successful event. :)
  • Thanks a lot, Rocky. I was so inept in my blog sharing moment in the program I forgot to thank my good friend Jaypee. Can you believe it? Ahahaha. But not so clueless anyway - I still had the presence of mind to remember the blessings you've showered me with. Yes! :)
  • ark
    Congratulations to all the winners of Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2009!
  • Thank you, Ark. :)
  • JD
    Congratulations jan for winning. I'm not surprise anymore that you grabbed the #1 spot. your blog is the most influential of the 10. ^^
  • Thanks a lot, Kyle. It's just a blog contest. It's good, fun way of meeting old friends and making new ones. I've finally met Jehz! Ahehehehe. And the Jedi bloggers. And connected with talented guys who are very funny and humble. That's the biggest prize, Kyle. In retrospect, that's the more substantial achievement.
  • dencios
    you deserve being influential blogger para sa akin.

    Lab pa din kita ser Jan,
    alam mo na yun nag twit na ako sa iyo
  • Salamat, Dencios. :)
  • Congratulations Jan! Well deserved award. All your efforts in making a difference and making your blog better is starting to pay off. More power to you and God bless! :)

    Btw, I wish someone has a video of your speech. I'd love to hear it. Hehe :D
  • Thanks a lot, Jaypee. Please don't view that video - I forgot to thank
    you. Ahahaha. I was such a mess. Truly, I'm better read than heard.
    lols. Janette has the links to the videos on her blog though. But don't
    say I didn't warn you. :)
  • sabi ko nga I've watched your video sa youtube. nakakatuwa ka. you're very funny and you seemed not to know it. or do you? the jitters are there, but your humility is what endeared you to us all.
  • Badongskie, when Jehz was speaking I could hear him but I could not
    understand what he was saying. That's my brain working at half-capacity.
    And when my turn came, it's an act of will to walk to the front. Maybe
    that's what made this funny. Because I just demonstrated how not to do
    it. ahahaha.

    Well, I can laugh at myself now and my misadventures, let me reassure you.
    Thanks a lot, Badongskie. I needed those kinds words you've spoken. :)
  • awesome batch of winners this year. glad to have finally met and become friends with all of you. Congrats, Jan! "Emerging" pa lang to this year. Next year, ka level mo na si Problogger.
  • Novz, kahit di na ka-level basta within spitting distance okay na. lols. Yun tipong may pambayad sa webhosting fees at makapundar pambili ng macbook. Aww, sosyal. Netbook lang puede na. :)
  • It's nice to dream no? Gusto ko din pambili ng webhosting tsaka bahay at lupa. :D hahaha!
  • Exactly. Di pa siya affected ng inflation o ng economic downturn. :) House and lot is good. Webhosting and a real house - you've got both houses covered there. Sweet. :)
  • aaaawww! thanks for the description! I thought you think of me as a boring person offline... but no... lo and behold, here you are describing me with such wonderful words... thanks, my new found celebrity friend! aaaww!
  • Roy

    lol if you would be boring Yatot, what would that make of us?

  • You're everything I thought you'd be, Yatot. But your aura floors me. Para
    kang rock star or perfect television host. I bet you could have rocked the
    Awards Night with your quick wit and funny one-liners had you hosted it.
    That's true.
  • i agree, i was laughing out loud at Yatot's one liners during our fake gambling game!
  • Whoa! What an introduction Jan, I'm so flattered (and pressured, haha) about the singing bit. Will have to work on that a lot more to be worthy of this intro...

    When I arrived, as I surveyed the room, I felt the same way, awed at being in the presence of these famous bloggers. Nangangati ako nun to pick their brains, get ideas of how they made it, what their stories are, etc. Gusto ko rin matuto nung SEO! :D

    I didn't have a lot of SEO answers when I left from that event, but who cares? I've made friends with the masters and the most influential. heh heh heh.
  • zorlone
    I second that Reyjr!

    Even if I got home at 5am, at least I got home with two of my new good friends with me. They never made me fall asleep while driving. hehehe. That's the kind of care you'll get for having Yatot and Lyle on board. Even if their eyes were closed, their mouths would still utter intelligent topics. Really!

    @Jan that was one tiring weeken! But, I felt a lot better not because I placed in the contest, I met true people who are now part of my personal blogroll.

  • It's unfortunate I wasn't able to join with you guys the rest of the evening. Can't be simultaneously in two places, can I. But I got to see the real house of Puroy. And the sofa that blogging bought for Roy. I was even harassed by the celebrity dog of Roy - the dog with an attitude.

    And Roy's fantastic kids - the future of blogging. Surprise, surprise - these future bloggers love Naruto, I discovered. Hmmm. Note to self: go easy on Naruto, Jan. Ahehehe.

    And payabangan na rin lang tayo. I have brunch with Jen. Go beat that. lols.

    Yeah, that night we've checked and rechecked our friends. And they are not found wanting. They're as good as advertised. I have already included you guys in my master list of validated friends. Go figure. Ahahaha

    If there's anyone who wants to be included in my master list? Please provide yourself with a complete list of sponsors. Yeeha. And we will take it from there.
  • Sponson ko na lang kwentuhan, Kuya Jan. Mwehehe.
  • Me, me, me sponsor? Coke? tao ba? hmmmm. si ako. It was fun Jan meeting you in person. Nakikiramdam ka ano, kung mag -e-english ako o hindi...he he he..naubusan ako noon eh. Dapat magbangko uli ako. But I enjoyed talking to you and of course Roy and Angel.

    Na meet ka na rin ang paborito kong writer online.

    Once again congratulations for winning the EIB and ranked 1 at that.
  • I felt relieved that your online friendliness and sense of fun is not an
    act. You're the real deal. Of course, I'm still star-struck and all that,
    but I also realize you're a friend, too. How lucky can I get?
  • "Being experts at optimization, the group chose a table nearest the buffet table. In SEO terms, our group landed on the first page of SERP or within smelling distance of it"

    you're a fast learner on SEO, jan!
  • i was actually laughing at jan's comment on our table! hahahha... uu nga marunong na sya in fairness! hahahah
  • No, Yatot. Magagalit sa akin si Elmot. We are sworn to uphold the sanctity of just writing posts and publishing them without care. Ahahaha. I blame you guys for making me unfaithful to my blissful ignorance of SEO. lols
  • Sana I've got to meet you Yatot, if I were there; to thank you personally for voting for me. Thanks for the vote.

    Congratulations to all the winners, truly deserving of the awards.
  • Thanks, Novz. I already feel like a genius. And I credit it to those few hours I had with you guys. Osmosis works! :)
  • Roy
    wow! bida ang mga anak ko! hehe...

    thanks Jan!

  • they will be influential bloggers someday. just like their father.
  • @Roy: Only because they rock just like their writer dad. A family of writers - go beat that. :)

    @Novz: I agree, my friend. And Angel - the youngest - has the poetic sensibilities of her father. The blogosphere had better watch out for these kids.
  • Roy
    hahaha! read the post and comments again and suddenly felt pressure to put up Angel's blogs ASAP

    "if only Roy can make up his mind the soonest"

    now I am more weary because there are expectations lol
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