A Bumbling Influential Blogger Says His Thanks

by Jan Geronimo on July 20, 2009

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Slip ups in blogging are liable to drive me bat crazy, but they provide a good source of amusement, too. Not exactly your idea of an influential blogger, but I’ve used the occasion to be grateful. Why? Let me share with you three blogging stories which happened to me this past week.

A little background info: Janette Toral of Influential Blogger has this yearly writing project, Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs. It’s that time of the year when everybody nominates new blogs which have gained traction in terms of readership, perceived influence and let’s say excellence – for want of a better word.

This writing project is winding up in two weeks – thank goodness. My life will return to normal. I can write to exhale again. But first the stories.

First Disaster

This blogger nominated my blog a week ago. I did not know why but I went back to check up on him. Alas – my blog had been stricken off his list. Argh. Of course, that’s allowed. As in life as it is in blogging you can darn well change your mind, right? So I did the next best thing: I asked for his honest opinion about my blog. If I’ve made a mistake and displeased him, I should learn something from this at least. None came.

Second Disaster

This young lady voted me in her list of influential blogs. Yeeha. I was about to leave a comment when I saw a comment on this young lady’s post. It’s the blogger herself, beating everyone in commenting on her own post. That’s a first all right. That’s blogging with an attitude, I chuckled to myself. Until I read her comment in which she basically apologized to everybody for writing the post. This post, she surmised, was nothing but a marketing stunt and she could not refuse a friend who requested her to write it.

OMG. She practically nominated my group of Jedi Bloggers, put it up with lights over their names in the marquee section of her blog. But why did she had to hoist a placard with her disclaimer and started to picket her own show? I wrote her a courteous objection. It was awfully hard to be polite under such circumstance, but I managed to do it without summoning a bolt of lightning to strike her blog in flames.

She listened – somehow. She took down the post along with our comments. Fine, that’s good enough for me.

Third Disaster

Good friend Holly Jahangiri twitted me about a mistake I’ve made in FriendFeed. I had just performed sex change operation of sort to creative writer and poet Justin Germino. I had called Justin as Justine. WTF.

I’m great with mixing up names, I know. I once did it to great blogging buddies Sean Platt and David Wright, mistaking David for Sean. I have since managed to live down that mishap mainly because both David and Sean have been gracious enough to shrug it off.

But to proceed from switching names to performing a sex operation on a respected poet?  What can I say -  I somehow managed to pull it off.

Without Justin’s consent, how can I now send him the bill for his medical procedure? How can I now look him in the eyes in Twitter where we often talk?

I’ve got a foolproof solution. I’ve got to thank him here. Got to turn this bad week around and make it superb by acknowledging my mistakes and learning from them. Might as well be grateful to two clueless bloggers who made me red in the face this last week.

International recognition

The Jedi bloggers can’t win everybody’s affection. Fine. But I’ve got to be thankful for writers who believe in me and my group of friends. It’s expected Filipino bloggers to vote for us. I’d like to mention here seven (so far) friends from across the miles who put their stamp of approval in our efforts at blogging, effectively offsetting the setbacks we’ve suffered last week. A hearty shout out of thanks to these generous guys:

1. Justin Germino - Dragon Blogger (USA)

2. Holly JahangiriIt’s a Matter of Perspective: Mine (USA)

3. Gopal KrishnaKrishna Musings (India)

4. Mathe - HotMomma (UK)

5. Reica - Candid Mom Reviews (USA)

6. Tasha Bud – Tasha’s Take (USA)

7.  Patricia Rockwell - Subjective Soup (USA)

Thanks a lot for your vote of confidence! Please be assured I will not be performing any sex change procedure on any of you any time soon. Promise.

With two weeks to go in this writing contest, the Jedi bloggers are doing well. Here’s the latest overall ranking of the nominated influential blogs.

Whatever happens, let me say, in behalf of my Jedi friends:  we are very grateful for your support. For we know this much:

It’s a sign of mediocrity when you demonstrate gratitude with moderation.”   -  Roberto Benigni.

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  • Maybe someday I'll be an influential blogger, but for now I can look up others.
  • Gopal Krishna
    Indeed thanks for remembering me. Once again congratulations.

  • Thanks a lot for dropping by. Jena Isle told me of your busy schedule. I'm deeply honored by your visit, sir. :)
  • dito pala ko dapat nagpost ng comment. congrats again jan..you and your blog deserved the awards.
  • Thanks, Chris. My reply is quite late - I'm sorry. Is that a trait of an influential blogger? Posting late replies. ahahaha. I'm so swamped with many things. I hope you did not take it against me, ",)
  • Hi. I'm confused. Is there a REAL contest for influential bloggers out here in the net? I thought this is just a tag. :) Congrats to all those on the list!
  • It's a real contest in which most of your friends are deeply engaged. I'm
    just hesitant to seek your help, Princess Reena. You know me by now, I
    suppose. I don't use strong arm tactics on friends.

    Why do that when a gentle reminder will do? Right?

    Why do that - it's just a game after all. Leave the fate of your friends to
    chance na lang. Pinasok nila yang writing project na yan. Let them fend
    for themselves, right? It's not as if you'd gain anything, am I correct?
    Although I'm sure the chance to win 100 USD in the raffle draw might mean
    something to some people. Pambili rin ng stiletto un, di ba? Or cookies
    and ice cream.

    Wala lang. My mind goes on a day off on Sundays eh. Ahehehe. Yaya! Kape
    nga uli?!
  • naku, marami na tayong kumpetensya sa $100 raffle.
  • Pray ka di mag-update o magpost ng complete lineup un ibang bloggers.
    ahahahaha. Bloggers, di ba tinatamad kayo? Tama yan - pahinga na lang
    kayo. Masama masyadong masipag - payo brought to you by Novz. Ahehehe
  • congrats on being in the top 2! does it mean that you will attend the aug 8 bloggers' meet?
  • Yes, Novz. Magsa shopping na nga ako sa ukay-ukay ng isusuot. Ahehehe.
  • Roy
    by the way Jan, comment ka dito to confirm attendance to the event


  • Wow. Seryosohan na ito. Walang kawala ako dito. Okay, Roy. Punta na ako
    dun. lol
  • Roy


    matutuloy ang pizza ni Doc Z hehe...

  • pizza ba? yay! kita kits uli mga bro!
  • Sinabi mo pa, Novz. Pero teka - bat pag pizza pinag uusapan nawawala na si
    Doc Z? Dati hindi naman. Doc Z? Yoohoo?!
  • Oo, yun pizza ni Doc Z - handa na. Yun kotse na lang niya ayaw
    magcooperate. Influential blogger magkocommute pa yata. ahahaha
  • lemuel
    honestly, with such a wide network and lots of friends to visit, reply to, tweet, etc. i don't know how you keep up. people make mistakes every time and no one can please everybody. it is good that you recognize mistakes and even write about it. come to think of it, it is a blog post and everyone comments on it. nobody is perfect and each imperfection that we have makes us unique and a regular human being. you have done great jan, and have come a long way as a blogger...

    hey, may i ask if you still have time.... to visit my friend's blog? he just started last week and have been posting regularly.. his url is http://farmermar.blogspot.com. thanks a lot!
  • Lots of things to write about, come to think of it. Especially if we feel comfortable talking about our mistakes. Some of them are funny, some of them give us insights about ourselves we would not have otherwise known if we just shove them all back at the back of our minds.

    Lemuel, I'm to dying to have a system so I can do all these blog related activities. Can't do them all. Some aspects of blogging suffer because of the pressures and competing demands on my time. The key perhaps is to recognize which ones are the most important tasks to you and keep doing them above everything else.

    Sure I will visit your friend. I love new bloggers and be part of their growth in the blogosphere. :)
  • Jan,

    I only have one question:
    in one sentence, tell me, what makes your blog influential? ;-)

    Anyways, Congrats! ang galing!
  • My answer to your question:

    Adrian, the bottom line is that I only aspire to influence myself and nobody
    else, which means I have my cross-hairs centered only on striving to be a
    decent person and friend.


    Being influential is just a happy coincidence. I'd rather have you call me
    as your friend - that packs more meaning to me. Of course, I present myself
    out there to be noticed.

    But it's a mindless distraction. It's just a game, Adrian. I'm just in it
    for the thrill of the game. At the end of the day, that's just it - a game
    bloggers play. It's enjoyable, yes. It's an honor? Maybe. Is it
    essential? No. With or without, I'd still be here writing to exhale.

    Yeah, congrats to me. Because I've finally lured you to come back here and
    greet a friend. I miss you, you know. Ahahaha
  • Roy
    pasingit Jan

    sumakit yata leeg sa avatar ni lessegers hehe...

  • Yun lang. ahehehe. Mahirap pag wala akong post ano? Pati yun position ng
    mga nagko-comment napapansin natin. lol
  • Roy
    wahaha... nagtuturo hehe... you thought I wouldn't notice hehe...

    yes, I think I've been there once, nung puro usapang kape ang nasa twitter

    and to his camera tips blogs too

  • Roy

    hehehe... wala pa kasing bagong playground e :)

  • Have you been to Rob Angeles' coffee blog? Parang hindi pa yata? :)
  • Well said! Very well said!

    I just knew that your a full time blogger and a part-time sex surgeon... LOLS!


  • Thanks, Jhong. Ahehehe. Please take note of my clientele. I have
    international reach. Yipee. :)
  • cool, akala ko Filipinos lang ang nagparticipate sa writing project ni ms. Janette, galing! :D
  • Iba tayo, Kelvin. Makamandag ang ating grupo. Aanhin ba naman natin ang
    ating mga spaceship if we can't go international? Jedi Bloggers nga tayo
    eh. That explains why several galaxies have been kind to us. :)
  • Regarding #1, and the underhanded strategy used in Twitter, (which Holly wrote about) what if one creates a list of ten and then after they nominate back, change the list to a different ten? (ad infinitum) *Evil Grin* Kidding guys. lol.
  • That's allowed - until a certain date. It's a hateful ploy, Luke, but that
    can be done. No one is to stop anybody from doing that.

    Will I use that option? Hell no. Do I encourage it? Of course not.

    But if anybody uses that option on me and my jedi bloggers? That certain
    somebody will surely get a special prize from me. And I reserve that right
    to be creative about my gift-giving.
  • True. It's allowed. One can do that. But as the saying goes, "Doing your right doesn't always mean that what you did was right".

    lol on the creative gift giving. Naaalala ko tuloy ang creative interogation.
  • Roy
    that really puzzles me... changing the list..

    you're influential to me one day... the next day you're not? what the...!

  • Right. They have a different definition of influential siguro.
  • That's right, Roy. Volatile yan parang financial market. Ahahaha. One
    thing sure: I can understand that tactic, but will I forget you if you do
    that to me? That's the big question. Try as I might to be forgiving, it
    might take me a long time to forgive that kind of decision.
  • Roy

    'volatile' maybe because of 'too much speculations' hehe...

    everything deepends on the outside forces and not what is the real feeling inside... such is the power of the dark force ;)

  • Bahala sila. That's one sure way of losing friends. Yun makalimutan ka sa
    list may dahilan pa eh. But to be taken down from the list? Wow. Lots of
    drama kasama niyan. :)
  • dencios
    nako may mga blogger talaga papalitpalit ng boto. e ayoko na talaga makialam sa most influential na yan. kasi yung iba di naman sincere hano bossing?
  • Okay lang un, Dencios. What I'm trying to master is to control how I will
    react to this kind of behavior. Part pa rin iyan ng karapatan nila bilang

    Pag iisipan ko na lang kung bakit ganun ang nangyari. It's time for
    introspection. Maraming bagay na puedeng magblind side sa atin bilang
    bloggers. Di naman puede pairalin ko na lang lagi ang ego. Kailangan ko
    ring mag isip. Ano pa ba ang dapat ko matutunan sa puntong ito. Ano pa ba
    ang dapat maiayos sa pakikitungo ko sa kapwa ko.

    Totoo, tinamaan ako dun. Di naman maaalis yun, Dencios. Tao lang tayo eh.
    Masasabi ko lang sana bigyan pa ako ng maraming pagkakataon para patunayan
    kakayanan ko bilang blogger at kaibigan.

    Salamat, Dencios.
  • dencios
    oh no. tinamaan ka? sorry. pero sa totoo nga base dyan sa kwento mo e kaya ko nasabi iyan. :) nako ser jan believe me or not verrrrrrry accomodating ka. lahat ng sinasabi mo may sense.wag mo pansinin ang iba jan at baka magkatraffic pa sa blogsite nila haha
  • Thanks a lot, Dencios. Means a lot to me - what you've said. :)
  • you are not in my list of influential bloggers because I discovered you too late. but some of the jedi bloggers are in my list. i think I should lurk here more often, as i like what I have been reading :-)
  • It's just a list. I'd rather be considered as a friend anytime, Dinah.
    What use will I have for a nomination if we cannot connect meaningfully? In
    this respect, this writing project is great. It forces us out of our
    comfort zone to meet more people. Some of them will hopefully turn out to
    be good friends. That's my long term view of it. :) You need not be
    apologetic about it. I understand, Dinah. lol
  • I'm so far down on the list I have no hope of winning, but I have already "won" - it's an honor to be nominated and I value the friendships I've made here far more than any "prize." (Gah, that sounded uncharacteristically smarmy, didn't it? But it's true - I mean every sickeningly sweet word I just uttered. We now return you to my regular smart-a** remarks.)
  • Hello Holly, I love your "smarmy" remark. You're a good person.

    Hurray for the Jedi Bloggers!

    No matter how the results of this contest turn out to be, you're all the BEST for me!
  • Hello Holly, I love your "smarmy" remark. You're a good person.

    Hurray for the Jedi Bloggers!

    No matter how the results of this contest turn out to be, you're all the BEST for me!
  • You are too kind, Jena, but the feeling is mutual.
  • I've messed up, Holly. Wasted my time on unnecessary things which should
    have been better spent making tangible the real power of Jedi blogging. I
    will make it up to you next year if you're willing to give birth to another
    uber blog... Oh please - don't stop. It's quite a rare experience getting
    you all smarmy. Ahahaha.
  • dropping by again!
  • Making mistakes and learning from them is the most valuable experience one can encounter. After all, nobody is perfect:)
  • you deserve it Jan! First time I read your post, you truly are influential!

    (sorry this is a late comment, tried commenting on the office but to no avail!)
  • Jan,

    That sounds like one heck of a week!

    Good thing you are the person you are, eh?

    You've got more grace than a lot of folks out there.

  • It's a good thing I have learned early the art of being nice, George. Your posts have kept me in check. That's true. It's a classic post and a must read for everyone who wants to have genuine connections online. Thank you.
  • Guest
    What an experience you have there in the 1st disaster. We can not pleased everyone naman talaga. Just look at the brighter side of it, your are still leading the Top 10 list.


    Snow ^_^
  • That's true, Snow. I must learn to be more grateful. Keeps one humble and grounded. :)
  • Guest
    This is indeed right. Spread good things to mankind and you'll reap the same rewards...
  • yes, everyone's blog is influential in one way or another...
  • Well said. Each post is a stone cast on the surface of the water. It creates ripples when it lands. It makes a splash. Even just a tiny or shy ripple when it's instrumental in making another person smile, or learn a useful trick or two - that's being influential, too. Thanks for sharing. :)
  • blind items are always part of your blogging routine once in a while.. and it made me more intrigued with who the hell that one or more person/s you are talking about! hahahaha! just like this one... you once again triggered my investigative instinct! hahhaa... but of course you know naman na i wont do that because i am such a busy person, right/ i have no time for investigations... only juicy gossips! nyahahhaha... so then again, i will leave you on to that! hehehe.. good job! :D
  • Did not mention names because what I focused on is how to turn a bad situation into something positive. So I can learn something or profit from the experience.

    Liking and voting for me is just that - a highly relative exercise. It did not mean - although it can be that, too - I'm a bad person just because I wasn't included in their list. It just meant my blog did not click with them or did not suit what to them is a great blog. Very relative terms. Might as well focus on self improvement.

    The juiciest experience I did not include in this post. Perhaps some other time - when I feel confident enough to share it. :)
  • Yup! and you rank 2nd for now but still have few more weeks... i'm sure it's still possible for you to climb the top spot! you deserve it anyway... jijijijiji but i think the top ten alone already had a recognition something... jejejejjejejejejje... congrats!
  • Thanks, Jaydee. I have met tons of new friends. That alone is this writing project's own reward. :)
  • Geronimo!!
    ...that's Jan, you know...

    "Geronimo!" My caffeine-deprived battle cry
    woke sleepy bloggers halfway 'round the world
    as I leapt without looking, down
    a rabbit hole of cultural, philosophical,
    linguistic, political diversity.

    You reached out in friendship,
    offering silliness, wise counsel,
    virtual coffee, and a whole head-spinning
    blogosphere of new friends -
    construction experts building bridges

    Bridges built of poems, links,
    an interwoven web of comments
    upon which perch the Twits, tweeting
    "Good morning, Jedi Bloggers!
    Dip your light sabers in my cup...

    My coffee's getting cold."
  • Holly! You've honored me with a poem. Super. I'm in awe - you've written a poem in hyper-drive. Thanks a lot.

    That you find our rabbit hole poetic tickles me, Holly.

    Now my breakfast is complete: eggs on face, coffee warmed by light sabers. Ahahaha. I can get used to this. There's no bacon within sight, but hey, this is great.

    Thanks, Obi Wan. :)
  • I probably should not have demonstrated how quickly I write most of my poems, should I? Let's just pretend I already had that one in the works before I read your request (command?)...

    On the other hand, Justin's got me beat for speed and skill - to take such disparate words thrown at him in Twitter and write a poem a day, usually a GOOD poem a day, that's really something.

    Doc Z crafts his more carefully, I think - lets the ideas incubate a while. (I do that sometimes, but most people would be appalled at how quickly I write. One poet friend of mine posted something a while back about how no one could write a good poem in 20 minutes or less. I didn't jump into that discussion, but I have evidence of her praising a few of mine that were written that quickly.)
  • Holly, you're a poet!

    Right, Jan?

    You've composed a very meaningful poem which is appropriate for this post within minutes.

    Wow, that's quite amazing!
  • Holly I can't click your reply button. I'm amazed you could do it so quickly and smoothly. Cheers!
  • Jena! You still sound so surprised to find that I write poetry. I don't know whether to be hurt or flattered. LOL! (Before you go apologizing, I'm teasing - I'm flattered, and glad that you like my poems.)
  • hi jan, i try t to comment here but error and always try later, i think i have to check my site too.

    anyway, may the force be in jedi bloggers.

  • Ever, it's okay. Your comment got in. Ahahaha. My blog has a mind of its own. Ikaw pa napagdiskatihan. But it's all right now. Thanks, Ever. :)
  • Hi Jan, Congrats on getting your name out there despite the glitches. I wouldn't worry too much about stuff that goes wrong ... Blogging is a lot like golf. Some mistakes you make over and over; others are so crazy they happen only once in a lifetime. Regardless, the game is always fun.
  • Blogging is a lot like golf. Yeah, and now that you've mentioned it, I remember you've a post about this! That's a great read, Brad. I'd feel awesome just by sharing that post with my readers.
  • yihee! top 2! you know what Jan, i seriously, seriously believe you are the most influential blogger today. no kidding. congratulate na kita agad!
  • What the hell - sige na nga, Badongskie. Oo na, aaminin ko na - na biased ka lang. Ahehehe. Thanks, Badongskie... There's a secret to making a good showing in this contest. And it's not about brilliance at all. It's about - hays, wag na may nakikinig na iba. Okay, sige na nga. Clue: relationship. Your relationship with your readers - a lot of good things stem from connecting deeply with readers. :)
  • haha! sige na nga! bias na kung bias, pero may basehan yung pagka-bias ko. and yes, you got the right word : relationship.

    haay, super late reply. been busy, err, productive lately.
  • It's all right, Badongskie. Ganyan talaga buhay estudyante. Cool ka lang.
    May kapupuntahan pagsisikap mo. Wag mo ko gayahin bulakbol. Ahehehe....
  • Just to say hi and regardless of who wins, I think that all this initiative has made already everyone an influential blogger. Then again, that is my take.
  • Exactly, my friend. I've learned very valuable lessons in this writing
    project. Not only from my mistakes - the things I've mentioned here in my
    post, but a whole lot of other things. I can make a series out of them.
    Very interesting, Ditesco. Very interesting. But then some of these
    lessons are still very raw and unprintable. ahahaha.

    What's a stand out to me is the value of profiting from a mistake - turning
    a problem on its head so we can get something valuable out ot it. Surely
    nailing this makes it less of a loss, right? :)
  • Oooopppss. The reply went all the way down .... sorry about that:)
  • Roy
    lol, want to know my own disaster?

    of course you know it Jan, the 2-in-1, the same yet different

    I'm glad #2 deleted, it will damage the credibility of the Jedi bloggers

    wait Jan, don't say piece yet... the party's just starting ;)

  • About number 2: I'm glad I had written a courteous comment. It feels great to unload vile and relieve yourself of your anger. But it doesn't work for me. That works only in that moment. Beyond that, you have to deal with your conscience. You can never take back what you've said, especially if they're hurtful and demeaning. I'm proud I've avoided that dark road.

    That's why I left a comment. I don't want that cloud of suspicion hanging over our heads.
  • May I butt in? There were times I would like to do that, Jan- you know- be mean. Say all what I have in mind. But as you say, it's like stepping down to the level of these morons who do not know the value of respect and gratitude and who do not know how to value their friendships.

    Spoken words can never be taken back. I agree with you in this aspect. I salute you for taking the high road.
  • So finally my post is showing up on my blog now? At last. I was getting
    paranoid about this problem since last night. Turned out to be a plugin

    Thanks, Jena. That means a lot to me.
  • Thanks Holly for including me in your line -up. I appreciate it a lot.
  • You'll notice that the only Jedi Bloggers in my nominations are the ones I was very familiar with, and even then, I couldn't just post a list - I had to clarify (if only to assure myself I wasn't including anyone out of friendship, alone) WHY I thought they deserved the nomination. There are others who deserve it - and many have already received the honor of a nomination. But as a writer, I'm very sensitive to the difference between a "popularity poll" and a "juried competition." While there's a place for both, the latter is much more satisfying to win. ;)
  • Touche' !, I'm very proud of our Jedi Bloggers because they're one of the best groups in the blogosphere. I would be honored to recommend them to anyone.
  • That's why your nomination is very special, Holly. True, I reminded you on
    two occasions about the project but I did not go so far as to suggest you
    should write one. The only time I suggested names to complete your list of
    nominees was when you asked me for at least two names. Otherwise, I
    wouldn't have dared push for some people even though I think they're worthy of your consideration.

    Obviously, you've completed your lineup by the time I've sent you my
    recommendation. Ahahaha.
  • Exactly. I didn't use them, because I'd completed the post before you replied. I remember getting word of my nomination while sitting on the runway at LAX, waiting for a gate. I was tired, a bit stunned, a bit confused, and just needed some quiet time to THINK and peruse my own blogroll. Hard to surf the Internet on a cell phone from an airplane, I might add.

    I agreed with your nominations, though. Excellent recommendations.
  • I kept wondering why you called me Justine on my blogs, I thought they were typo's until you did it repeatedly on multiple blogs. You aren't the first person, maybe because most people assume bloggers are female by default?
  • I think it's because so many words end in "ine," Justin. The fingers sometimes have a mind of their own. I have a handful of words that I struggle to type without adding an unnecessary "e" at the end. Fortunately, they're not NAMES.

    Poor Jan - it's a writer's curse, like habitually typing "teh" instead of "the." Don't beat yourself up over it. For years, my own grandmother called me "Marilyn." (No, that's not even my MIDDLE name. It's my aunt's name.) Can't chalk that one up to a "typo."
  • Roy
    honestly, for a moment, I thought that was the correct spelling :)

    but as they say... "a rose by any other name, will always be a rose"

  • There's only one Justine - Justine Henin. The superstar tennis player from Belgium. But she's retired now. Guess, it's Justin's name that will be on heavy rotation in my mind now. :) Prolific creative writer in place of tennis wonder woman. It will be a breeze now. :)
  • Wow, my rap sheet keeps getting longer, I see. I thought it was merely in FriendFeed. Ugh.

    I'm very sorry for my thoughtlessness, Justin. How can I make it up to you? Can this still be recompensed by doing community service of sort? Or I will simply have to do time.
  • LMAO, Jan! I did something similar to Reynz, once, yeah? (I could've apologized, but sort of got the impression he was amused, and figured I'd just slink off and hope everyone else's amusement died down.) Anyway, who could NOT forgive you for these tiny slips? (Besides, the first two weren't your fault, and I'm glad that blogger #2 simply deleted the post. I wish blogger #1 would answer your question; that would drive me a little nuts, not knowing WHY.) You look both silly and gracious standing there with egg on your face, you know that?
  • Roy
    I think I'll agree with Jan, Holly

    He was pleased ;)

  • Well, I'm glad! :)
  • You're right, Holly. Reynz's friends thought it was funny. No problem there at all. I even suspect Reynz might have been pleased with the slip up himself. :)

    Standing there with egg on my face takes a lot of getting used to. But I'm savoring those moments. Each of them. Because they teach me a lesson I wouldn't have otherwise learned.

    If I can't change their opinion about me and my blog represents? It's all right. It's not what I set out to do in the first place.
  • Why would you want to change anyone's opinion of you? Seems you have a lot of people who think very highly of you, and a couple of tiny faux pas only make you human.

    You could savor those "egg on your face" moments even more with a little bacon or salsa. ;) MMm...can you tell I have had coffee, but not breakfast?
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