Top Commentator for February

by Jan Geronimo on March 1, 2009

Yatot of The Yatot Chronicles, a delicious online magazine, is this blog’s Top Commentator of the Month. For his zestful interaction with all of us here he will receive Haruki Murakami’s A Wild Sheep Chase.

I’m dying to send him a pair of native chickens, but I got nervous the last minute. I’m afraid Yatot would not take kindly to being greeted by squawking chickens in his place of work. So I settled for a book to give away. Much safer that way.

Please send me your address, Yatot. I need to send this first thing in the morning because I have this great itch to rip the plastic wrapping of the book and curl up in bed and just read it.

James Thurber once said, “There are two kinds of light–the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures.”

In my eyes, Yatot is precisely that – a light that illuminates. Thanks Yatot for shining your light in my blog. It seems more alive with your laughter and voice in it. Your gift of friendship is deeply appreciated.

Visit Yatot in his flagship blog. Read my lips: he’s got other blogs under his belt. It’s got a new look – simple elegance. He is very outgoing and fun guy to be with. Show him some love. He’s a funny cookie, but even a lovely cookie needs to be told once in a while that he’s yummy and delicious and deserving of our mighty Rarr!

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  • Ben
    That's a nice system you've got here. Stumbled across your blog on Problogger. I'm sure you get lots of user interaction from it. Keep it up!
  • Hi Ben: Wow, a fellow Problogger reader has honored me with a visit.
    Thanks, Ben. Yeah, featuring readers who are active participants in my blog
    is my way of acknowledging their immense help to my blogging. Thanks for
    dropping by. :)
  • Hi Ben: Wow, a fellow Problogger reader has honored me with a visit.
    Thanks, Ben. Yeah, featuring readers who are active participants in my blog
    is my way of acknowledging their immense help to my blogging. Thanks for
    dropping by. :)
  • Jan
    @Roy: For January I gave away mobile phone airtime credits. This month a book. Only a paperback, but hey, at least it's more tangible than load credits. Whenever Yatot sees that book he'd remember his friend Jan and this blog. :)
  • Roy
    I see you also have you top commentator contest...

    I wish I can always talk with sense so I can take a bid on that too, seems you got interesting prizes

    Congrats to Yatot!

    will check your blog, Jan made it really sound interesting ;)
  • Jan
    @Ismail: Yeah, he really did win. hehehe. Apparently, it's not enough for four blogs (is this right, yatot?) to tie him down. He still found a way to mingle with us here.

    I'm biased. I'd say books at the drop of a hat. But maybe little mementos that can only be found in your country might be appealing to your international readers. :)
  • Ismail N
    Yatot won for the 2nd time? I smell conspiracy here :) Ha ha. Wow, great idea. Shld come up with my own award next time. Any suggestion what shld I give to the award recipient?
  • Jan
    @yatot: Perfect! I'm glad you like it. :)
  • yatot
    @jan: hahhaha... yah.. that is a good idea... a hall of famer! ok...! i'll just keep on coming back for more comments! whehehhe... thanks!
  • Jan
    @Dee: yeah, with all due respect to these big fastfood chains, native chicken is still the best. :)

    @yatot: Texting is not allowed no. hahaha. If we're running for the same award - say I'm a participant too - and I won on account of you deciding to give way, I'd not be happy about this. Well, that's just me anyway.

    Giving way is an admirable thing. But I need your comment here and not in my mobile message folder.

    If you win 3rd month in a row, then I might give you the hall of fame award or something, effectively exempting you from the contest. hahaha. Just might.
  • yatot
    i can't believe i actually won... for the second time! hahahhaa... i just love returning here in your blog and make some comments.. just that it! maybe this month, i just text to you my comments... so that i can give a chance to others naman! hehhehe... thanks for the book by the way... i'll be waiting for it... i think dee or bingkee comes in close second... they also deserve to win... promise i will be texting na lng my comments para low profile na ako at to give a chance to others! wahehhehe

    i also love native chicken! wahahhahha... nga lang... baka hindi pwedeng i-LBC yung native chickens! haahhhaha... thanks din for the "light that illuminates" metaphor thingie... hehhehe... ^_^
  • Dee
    Congratulations to Yatot!:D

    Oh, I love native chickens! Simply the best chicken there is. Much more tasty than others. Perfect for nilaga or adobo. I haven't eaten one in a long time. Now this reminds me how much I miss it. And now, I'm craving for one.:D
  • Jan
    @Adrian: Meron pa this month. Pag di ko na kaya, ia-announce ko agad para di nakakahiya. :)
    Gosh! i should have known this earlier, para makisali din haha! anyway, may next month pa ba? :-)
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