When a Blogger Just Wanna Have Fun

by Jan Geronimo on September 2, 2009

where there's water

Let’s be honest with each other.  Do you ever come here to learn something new?  Or do you trek all the way here – that is if you’re not reading me from your reader – just to hang out and hear another familiar human voice?

Come on, what do I have to teach that you can’t search on Google?  Or in Twitter?  Or in FriendFeed live search.  Surely you’re better off there huh?

You’re not alone, my friend.  That’s pretty much on my mind a lot of times.  For example – sure, I need to learn HTML.  And there are countless resources online for that just a click or two away. I went to this site, downloaded this HTML cheat sheet, saved it on my computer both at home and at work.  Did I go back to hang out with the author?  No, I went to my blogging buddies sites and had fun.

Of course, I made a mental note of that blog.  I’d go back there if ever I survive learning HTML to learn something else.  But for the meantime?

I just wanna have fun

Just to give you an idea, I’d tell you where I’ve been today.  Been to only a handful of them because I’m a slow reader.  When I like a blog time is no object:  instead of scanning the post I’d swallow it whole, take a seat and ask for coffee.  You guess right, it’s a long sweet goodbye before I go.  Okay the places, I’ve been to -

  • Good Times Manila – A blog which lampoons celebrities and pseudo-celebrities.  Deejay writes so well that a great number of his clueless readers generally take these send-ups as encyclical from the Vatican itself.  Therein lies the joke as well, except for Deejay who tirelessly reminds his hyperventilating readers to go check out his About Page in an effort to calm them down.
  • Influenza Bloggers – A newly launched fun blog which pokes fun at everything.  Nothing is ever sacred to this  group of bloggers.  Not even themselves surely. I read it every day just to be in their good side.  I have this pet notion that this  group of wackos will hesitate to train their guns on a friendly face – however “influential blogger” he maybe. Ahem.
  • Filipino Poems and Poetry – You can lower your eyebrows now. Poetry is my kind of fun.  An acquired taste surely since Elmot shared with this blog his  sensuous poem, Bells and Women.  I go there not in search of more risque poems – okay, that too.  Now hear this  – I’m astounded to find not balm for my repressed urges, but a cure for my calloused heart. Pretty annoying initially as I’m not given to touching base with my inner yearnings, but what can I say – Elmot has that rare ability to slow me down without saying, “Poof!”
  • Clinical Chemistry Blogs – All 29 of them.  I checked them all today to see what they’re up to.  Well, I’m happy to say they’re all still there, making baby steps into the blogosphere. If these guys are what splogs look like?  Oh boy, I’d be happy to be branded as a splog myself.  Thanks, you lovely people, for voting your Lolo Jan as one of the influential blogs of 2009.  I owe you big time.  And if anyone causes you any disrespect, I’d give you free lessons so you can say with flair, “With all due respect, you suck!”

Alexa rank, my foot

Please note that in all of these new watering holes only Good Times Manila has a high Alexa rank.  Well, I don’t care. It’s the least of my concern.  I vote with my feet.  Sure, I visit high traffic blogs, but my greatest satisfaction is to have that sense of community with brilliant new blogs wherein I’m treated as a person and not as a statistic.  And it feels nice to have a stake in their growth.  I feel a sense of ownership simply by association.  And this makes my day.  Every single time.

So the question is – why for heaven’s sake are you here -  or your other favorite blog hangouts?  What’s in it for you? You need to learn the proper maintenance of a light saber?  Jesus.  You’re hopeless.

Oy, I almost forgot.  Tomorrow – that’s a few hours from now – is my birthday.  I’d rather you greet me here than be constrained by a 140-character tweet.  And yes – with all the ruckus raised by the Mafia wars in Facebook – this is a much saner place to drop your greetings.  And for the shy souls, please use the contact form.

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  • I blog because I have fun doing it, and you are right about people can just search on google to find out about anything they are looking for. But who knows, maybe some information you provide is what is found when they search on google :)
  • fielsvd
    where is deejay? he seems to be missing....
  • Baka po na-corner na ni Aling Koring. Pati nga Facebook nakikialam na rin.
    Sa Facebook page ko sa right sidebar Facebook is asking me to reconnect with
    Deejay. Ahehehe. Napansin siguro na di sya active lately. :)
  • Oh My, I'm just about 2 months late for your birthday wishes! Since I'm here I'll be wishing you a great life and a pleasant weekend ahead. I would say my purpose of visiting here is to network and check out what my blogger pals are doing. Visiting is fun and inspiring. Relationship building is something I enjoy doing and not getting tired of. Just hoping I have more time for that. ^^

    Social/Blogging Tracker
  • Hey, thanks a lot. It always surprises me when someone leaves a comment on
    an old post. Gives me a jolt. A pleasant jolt in this case. :)

    This only means I need to grease my blog writing wheels more. It's been
    sputtering a lot lately.
  • Belated Happy Birthday Sir Jan! Hope you the best in life. Ang bilis ng panahon pero hanggang ngayon di pa tayo nagkikita haha. Sabi nga ni Rocky bago sya umakyat ng Baguio kitakits daw tayo!
  • Oo nga eh. Saan ba ang headquarters ng blogging empire mo? lols. Thanks sa
    greeting. It's all right. Last Sept. 5, we went to Angeles City to visit
    blogging buddies. Shock - they used the occasion as a pahabol celebration
    for my birthday. Ahahaha. It was fun.

    Hey, good luck sa contest. Sana one of my friends win - that includes you
    of course. :)
  • Awwww. :) Happy birthday Sir!
    I like the way you write. Interesting and direct to the point. I'll drop by when I am not too busy with neuroanatomy, and soon, the musculoskeletal system. Haha! Take care! And oh, I am powered by coffee too! ;)
  • Thanks, Noelle... Awww, those are tough subjects. All the more reason you must have fun online afterward. Take note, I said afterward - this means your studies come first. :)
  • I guess time to hangout to my familiar place.

    Maybe part of tradition lang na after greetings "makibalita" . Like, "How was the celebration?"
  • It was a simple celebration at home. Nothing fancy. Cake. Ice cream and pancit. And my ubiquitous coffee. The family had softdrinks. lols. Getting old is cool, Darbs. I get to have a cake now - I rummaged through my childhood memories. Alas, there's no instance cake had got into the picture.

    Must be because we're not well off. For mother, the most important consideration was to make sure there's food on the table three times a day. Cake did not figure at all in her sensible equation. :)

    I wish I were more wiser than older - that's my impossible wish. But with good friends, I can be the undisputed village idiot yet still felt loved so in balance, it's all for the good. Can't complain. :)
  • I haven't got an internet connection for over a month, been busy with my treatment and with the new business i'm setting up. This is the first time I truly roamed the net again, and what do I find?...

    My friend, let me tell you that you never cease to amaze me. Another quality article from you.

    Belated Happy Birthday, my friend!
  • Thanks for the greeting. I'm glad you like it. :)

    A month without an internet must be pure hell or heaven. It will be hell for
    me if that happens to me. Ahahaha. But things happen for a reason - and
    there are no incovenient things that can't be turned around to our
    advantage. How do we react to it is what matters.

    But I'm glad you're back. :)
  • Wow! happy birthday! Sorry di kita mabisita ngayon agad... but will get back to you when I return home... Ingats!
  • It's okay, Jaydee. Thanks sa greeting. :)
  • So saan ang gimik natin ngayon pagbirtdey mo?! jejejejjeje
  • We had a blog meet up with young blogger friends in Angeles City. We had loads of fun - eating, singing, swimming, drinking. It's a city that never sleeps. And we couldn't do no less. :)
  • Happy Birthday or Gratulerer med dagen as we say it here.

    I usually check for interesting reads that's why I got here in your blog. The rest, I visit them as frequently as I could to see the latest news of their lives. Be there for them being a friend as well.
  • Thanks a lot, Charles. I'm pleased you find my blog interesting. :)
  • Oh my, Jan! Sorry I read this post just now. Hindi tuloy kita nabati! Happy Birthday!

    so why am i here? because you're here (yee, ang cheesy!). LOL. srsly, you're one of the most profound bloggers I've known. It's always a pleasure to read you.
  • Sorry doesn't cut it anymore, Joel. Bukod tanging ikaw ang absent.
    Ahahahaha. It's all right. I like you so much that the delay doesn't
    bother me at all. How's that for being cheesy? :) Thanks, Joel.
  • you're making me feel really guilty Jan. Hate you. Haha!
  • I'd be darn lucky having more haters like you, Badongskie. Ahahaha
  • Happy Birthday Jan.

    Like you, I enjoy visiting blogs to see what's going on in my blogging buddy's lives - what they're writing about, what photos they are posting and to show my support for their efforts. Although I don't get to go visiting as often as I'd like, it's always a real treat when I can.

  • Thanks, Barbara. One of the privileges of genuine online friendships is that we learn to let our friends be: allowing them the freedom to come and go. We understand they got interesting lives to live and private demons to wrestle with. But of course we're happy to be made a part of each others lives. And through blogging we are presented that gift and rare opportunity.
  • The complexities of online relationships abound. I agree they fulfill a need, not necessarily unavailable in real life but rare to be sure.

    It's odd isnt it how honest and open and receiving and rewarding it all is?

    I believe we, all of us and you / me are as honest and open as we would be in real life, yet we are different too. You mentioned you are shy in person. I am not shy per se, but not usually the one to jump in and hold a conversation. I suspect that all other aspects you demonstrate on line become apparent IRL once the shyness is passed. As with me, I am just as sunny, and encouraging in real life. Yet, I can express different aspects of my makeup with the variety of people I met online. Not to say I am a different person with each, but can express different side of me with each. There is a kind of acknowledgment and validation on line, to a degree that I rarely receive in real life, that acknowledgement is enchanting. There may be danger in feeling that IRL freinds take one for granted.

    Some say why spend time fostering relationships with people on line, when one should be fostering their IRL relationships. I say do both. :-)

    A plethora of riches indeed, JG. Intriguing and fulfilling.
  • "There is a kind of acknowledgment and validation on line, to a degree that I rarely receive in real life, that acknowledgment is enchanting. There may be danger in feeling that IRL friends take one for granted."

    And that, Trina, has the making of a great post.

    But of course you are spot on. We need to cultivate both our offline and online relationships. :)
  • aaah, a great post you say, the problem being I rarely have more to say than that nugget, therefore it only makes a few interesting sentences at best. :-)
    However, I have absolutely no problem if you or others create a post based on an idea spawned by those words. thats part of the game too, right? :-) I suppose an acknowledgement to my words/thoughts would be in order, and that goes back to that validation and acknowledgement....
  • With the help of borrowed words let my convey to you may sincerest greetings on your birthday:

    Let your life lightly dance on the edges of time like dew on the tip of a leaf.

    - Rabindranath Tagore
  • What a marvelous quote from Tagore. Thanks a lot, Joji. :)
  • zorlone
    Hi Jan,

    Before you go to the mainland, I just want to greet you a late "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Woooooooooooooot!!!!! (Headspin) (banana_cool) --> This looks better at plurk. LOL

    I was calling you yesterday, I guess you were too busy replying to comments here on your blog and forgot to answer the phone. Tsk tsk tsk! At least you got the greeting on the email. he he he

    Will see you tomorrow!

    alles Gute zum Geburtstag
    alles Gute zum Geburtstag
    alles Gute zum Geburtstag
    alles Gute zum Geburtstag
    alles Gute zum Geburtstag

    Geez, I don't know how they sing it in German! As my bespren lyle would say, "ENJOOOOOYYYY"

  • You're calling me? Maybe you should have hollered? :)

    Yeah, I was beginning to wonder already why you're not here. But I'm okay
    now. :) Thank you, Doc Z.
  • third comment ko na to. di yata nakalusot yung first two coz of disqus. kahapon pa naman yun. sorry for this delay in greeting you a happy happy birthday Mr. Jan Geronimo! May you have many more fruitful years to come.

    GTM and influenza bloggers are good places to hangout. Writing to Exhale too.

  • It's all right, Novz. Thanks for the greeting. Is Roel busy? I'm afraid he's gonna ruin my birthday celebration. I have this recurring nightmare he just might hold up the singing here by seeing to it that the birthday be optimized first for SEO. Good thing the dude is busy. Ahahaha.

    Deejay is cool. I like his blog a lot. :)
  • i dont know where roel is. he's probably very busy. you know, making money online an making friends offline.
  • fedhz
    Hi, LJ. ayan ha, andito ko sa blog mo. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! sorry po kung late na. kelan po ba ang exact date? sensya na kung out of topic ako. super busy talga ang lola mo. as in grabe to the max! lamu naman lumalaki na ang mga bata. ah ehe, isa lang pala ang anak ko. wahahah!

    salamat po sa laging pag alala sakin. huhu. sana masaya kayo sa inyong kaarawan. pa-lbc mo nalng ung cake hehe.
  • Hays, nice to have you here. It's been a long time since your last visit huh? But not to worry. I don't keep a record of attendance especially with friends. You can come and go as you please. But of course it pays to humor me when it's my birthday. If you know what's good for you. Ahahaha.

    I'm happy. Don't worry about me. This is a first for me - celebrating my birthday with my online friends. And it's a blast. I enjoyed the special attention, I admit that. lols. Nah, the cake - or what's left of it stays in the ref. Ano ka, e kung gutumin ako sa kaba blog ko sa gabi. Ahehehe.

    Thanks, Fedhz. :)
  • What can i say, I come here because I like to read what you always have to say (real down to earth stuff - or should I say "down to the blogosphere", lol).

    Anyway, I did send you a Tweet wishing you a very Happy Birthday. I do hope you enjoy the "day" and the day after too, and have many more to come. Your blog is here to last:)
  • Thanks, Ditesco. I got to read first your greeting in Twitter. I just read it now. :)

    About the contest? I've already voted. Can I vote again? Ahehehe. I've emailed my buddies to vote for you. I've tweeted Hesham's post. Will do it again tomorrow. You've lots of followers in Twitter. How about asking for a little help? I'm sure they will not mind. It's not as if you're asking them a favor every day, right? :)
  • Bells, whistles, streamers, balloons, and fireworks galore to you on this most esteemed day! Congrats, and Happy Cake Day to you. Hope you are feeling particularly special and loved today, so that can be held and continue on throughout the remainder of the year.
    I really want to respond to the rest of your blogs question, alas time does not permit a response right now. Shall return later in my day to do so, but couldnt leave the screen without having passed on best wishes. In friendship, Trina
  • There's an actual Happy Cake Day? Great - cake and coffee go well together as far as I'm concerned... Some other time then, Trina. Thanks for dropping by. Appreciate it. :)
  • Just ducking back in, I see there's much to catch up on... yes JG, Cake Day is what we celebrate when birthday parties arent de rigour... as one should always have cake on their brithday - or so I believe.
    Anyhow, you asked in this post about what we get out of blogs, so here goes...
    Why I am at yours specifically is because I enjoy your friendly banter and inclusive nature. My initial foray into the blogosphere was born from curiosity, I was intrigued by the plethora of genres, the offerings of anything from technical nature to human nature. I muddled around for a while reading purely for interest. Then I stumbled across a couple bloggers whose main focus apart from writing useful content was creating community... the rest is 'history' as they say. Suffice it to say that now I am most interested in communicating with those willing to communicate back - not just on my terms, but in a communal sense. I like to participate by commenting, recommending etc. To sum up then I guess I benefit from the positive aspects of being part of a community. In terms of feeling valued, and appreciated too. Cheers, Trina
  • About banter: I love online conversations. It's hard to explain its dynamics. How can we be so candid with people we hardly know in the traditional sense? Common sense tells us to hold back - not to reveal too much. And to take everything with a grain of salt.

    I'm painfully shy in real life. Online I'm more gregarious and open to striking up conversations with anyone. Well, nearly anyone I should say. :)

    Is online interaction fulfilling a need we can't possibly have in the real world? I'm not saying I'm acting out a fantasy. It's all too real for me. I instinctively reach out and try to make a connection.

    And I love it when both parties - new online buddies - sustain the connection. The banter, the prattle, joking around, even trading harmless and affectionate insults. It's a strange alchemy - I can't even pin it down exactly.

    Making a fundamental connection with another person is just so fulfilling, isn't it. That's the bottom line for me. Now make that a community. Step back a little to take a long good view of that plethora (your word! lols) of riches.

    We are made! We have arrived. Look no further, woman. Now if we can only take this plethora of riches to the bank and encash it. Ahahaha.
  • hope you had a blast on your birthday, jan. what would the blogging world be without the welcoming space of your blog? thanks to your proddings, more blogs are launched, more ideas are shared, more friendships bloomed. cheers to more online friendships and genuine conversations (albeit engaged in intermittently)! (ganahan ka og tsokolate na tablea? gusto tika padal-an puli sa kape nga mao untay ampay nimo).
  • Thanks, Fifi. I'm deeply by touched by your message. Kaso biglang kambyo sa
    dulo. What's that - Latin? Ahahaha. I only understand you're talking about
    chocolate drink and coffee? The rest I did not get. lols
  • that's latin for you. hahahahah... i was asking if you like some pure cacao chocolate tablea instead of coffee because i want to send you some since well, it's your birthday anyway. (napilitan daw o!).
  • Pure cacao chocolate tablea - my mother used to make them. One of the pleasant memories of my childhood and young adulthood was helping mother make those delicious tablea. We have cacao trees - we still have them.

    But mother has already left us.

    Will I want some tablea? It's like asking do I love my mother? Of course, my friend. Of course. Jesus Christ - my eyes are smarting already. :)
  • I come here because I try my best to go around and see what my friends are up to, simple as that. Oh, and maybe join the brilliant conversations. =D
  • Ah brilliant conversations. You contribute well in that department,
    notwithstanding the occasional woooooots (is that long enough? lols).
  • gah. I'm having one of my off days Jan. I can't seem to think of anything brilliant to say at the moment. I need inspiration. :p

    oh well, at least this one never fails: Woot! lol!
  • It's stress. Lol, our general manager asked me this morning if I was losing weight. gah...

    You should try some of my kapeng barako i bought in Tagaytay. I have a coffee machine at home that makes a lovely cup of capuccino. sigh.
  • That sigh - is it for the kapeng barako? Or for your coffee machine at
    home? Me? I have set my sights lower - my happiness comes in Nescafe
    sachets. lols. Very affordable noh.
  • Anything wrong, Rey? Maybe you're just stressed out. You need to rest more
    and drink coffee less. Ako na bahala sa di mo maiinom na kape. I'll take
    good care of them. Yum yum. :)
  • Happy B-day bro! Actually I am here to serve you a warrant of arrest for long-been promised guest post on my blog, wahahhah!

    Best wishes to you!

    Why am I here: Because I know that after I make a post here and comment and interact with the best of people around, my alexa rank would jump inside the 100k rank~ Wahahahha! Right Darren Raw? Wahahha!

    Best of wishes on your b-day bro?
  • My day is now complete, bro. I thought you've forgotten.... to serve me
    that freakin subpoena. Waaah.

    Thanks for the greeting. I'm happy again. Yes!

    Your ever loyal bro,

    Darren Raw
  • no prob darren raw, ehehehe! ayos!
  • laineelang
    Hello! First time commenter (but long-time stalker) here hehe.
    I'll be honest. I got here today because I saw the pic and got attracted to it... it's been a while since I've been in a place like that :)
    Let's face it, not every post on the blogs we follow are of interest to us. I hardly get to visit my rss feeder even because of so many other things to do. But sometimes when I do, I get lucky to find some snippets that snatch my attention and make me want to click the link to get to the blogsite itself.
    Thanks for the fun links today :) I've been an avid fan of GTM for a while now but the other sites are definitely interesting.
  • Hello, long time stalker. Nice to meet you finally. Care for a cup of coffee? Ahehehe. Yup, Deejay's has got one fun blog there. The first time he commented here he dug deep into the archives. Maybe he wanted to elude the pursuing fans. lols.
  • laineelang
    Sure Jan (is it okay if I don't add Tito or Kuya?) :) I'd love to have a cup and a little chat, but since we're physically incapable of that for now, here's a little something I got from Yahoo Messenger: ~o)
    Btw, your no-longer-stalker wants to greet you a happy nth birthday. More years and blog posts to come.
    Oh, and I doubt Deejay wanted to elude the pursuing fans. Both of him loves them adoring fans (including me I hope!)
  • I'm fine even without the Tito or Kuya. I'd be flattered if you just call
    me Jan. :) Lagot ka, sumbong kita kay Deejay. Ahehehe
  • First, I visited your blog Jan to congratulate. I don't want to get into the politics because all I know is that I nominated you and that won't change at all.

    Congrats, 2009 influential blogger.

    At times, I also remember having fun reading your entries . Once or twice I commented but most of the time just lurking around.

    However, since it is your b-day then I have to greet you HAPPY HAPPY B-DAY!

  • Thanks a lot, Darbs. This means a lot to me. You're in my Reader, bro. I'm reading you from the safety of my reader. I'm glad you're back from your blogging hiatus. :)
  • Happy Birthday to you my friend!

    What can I say? I'm fortunate to have you not only as a blogging buddy but also as a friend even though we haven't met in person. Enjoy your special day and I wish you all the best in life, success in all your endeavors and that may you have more birthdays to come.

    God bless!
  • Thanks, Jaypee. Wooot. Oy, I'm getting the hang of this woot thing. lols.
  • 'Cmon LJ, you can do better with that Wooot thing. haynakow.

    here's how you do it....

    *big breath

    "Wooooooot!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOLO JAN! Woooooot!! "

    whew! ehem... bow.
  • What? Wag mo isara ang commenting - madami pang dadagsa dito. :D
  • Iyon iba kasi nakalimutan na ako. Kaya hayan tinotoyo ang LJ. Empty threat
    lang yun pagsasara ng commenting. Ahehehe.
  • So that's how it is done? Ah okay. Point well taken. Ahahahaha. Puede ko
    na isara ang commenting. Nandito ko na eh. Thanks, young bro. :)
  • He he, I am here Jan because I wanted to know you more. As for me, visiting a blog does not mean I would gain traffic back, but because I wanted to know the author better. It is synonymous to visiting a friend, having a chat on what's new with them, then leaving with a smile :)

    Let me sing for you *drum roll*

    Happy Birthday to you,
    happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday Happy Birthday,
    Happy Birthday to you!!!

    Happy Birthday Jan! Let's PARTY! :D
  • "It is synonymous to visiting a friend, having a chat on what's new with them, then leaving with a smile"

    Great insight, Minnie. Love it. Thank you very much. :)
  • Roy
    Like what I said thru text

    "Birthdays are good to have... because the more you have, the longer you live"

    Happy Birthday Jan!

  • How about more gifts? Wahahah!
  • Thanks, Roy. I'd like to wear my RED WordCamp shirt I won at Jaypee's contest. But I think I'd wear it again in Pampanga. That's better. If Elmot can make it as well, that will be our mini-WordCamp. lols. Thanks, Roy. Your text message greeted me when I woke up. It sets the mood right for this day. :)
  • happy birthday jan! another year of maturity.. hehhehe... so when can we expect little Jan the junior blogger from you? hehehhe... kidding aside... it's been a great pleasure knowing you since the start of this year... have a great birthday ahead of you! again... happy birthday my friend!
  • That's not in the cards, my friend. You bet, Yatot. Your friendship is one of the enduring gifts any blogger can have - your fascination with Juday notwithstanding. Ahahaha. Thanks, bro. :)
  • petit
    happy birthday!!!
    another year down the drain. its nice to know that you've been making fun nowadays....
  • Thanks a lot. Where's the pizza. You promised me boxes of pizza, right? Ahahaha.
  • petit
    aahhh....did I? will a virtual pizza counts, or a virtual birthday cake? i can get you at FB. anyway jan, it seems you've been busy answering to all your friends online. when are you lifting your butt up and go...have a birthday leave!! hahaha.
  • Happy Birthday, Jan. I always learn something from your posts, but I come here knowing I'm out of the loop.
    The sites you put up on that Google friend app are always great, too. Often a big help--news I can use.
    So I'm grateful to you, and am celebrating the day even if you can't see or hear me.
  • Thanks, Kathleen. I'm happy you chose to greet me here in my home. This is more personal than Facebook and Twitter put together. And I'm so happy we still keep the friendship going. Can I say yeehaw on my birthday? Ahehehe.
  • Jan, yeehaw? I'm lagging. Last I knew the whoop of joy was woo-hoo. But I
    don't have a TV and I don't Twitter. That's why I depend on your blog(s) and
    your recommended blogs. Without them, I'd run the old loops into the dust.

    Do have massive big fun today! And yeah, anything on facebook, from a rose
    to a cake to beers and shots start to feel like token gestures.

    Congratulations, too, on your various successes this year. There are
    probably much more significant ones than I know about. But I do see your
    group of great bloggers (forget the name, Ninja?), a few contest winnings,

    You and Hesham are both driving forces in the internet I know, which might
    be a niche--who knows? But in your different ways and style--you're the
    writer--the two of you are so energetic are hard working. You really do
    great work. If anyone can earn a living from blogging, it's you two. So I
    was happy to see you one an award from his Social Network. I sometimes have
    trouble getting on it, but he's always improving it.

    Your presence is more artistic, although I've no doubt you're quite adept at
    technology. Anyway, I can see how you and Hesham might make terrific, if
    unofficial, partners. Does that sound crazy to you? It might even annoy you,
    I don't know. But it occurred to me, because you are my go-to guys.

    Big Up, Jan, One Love, and Happy Birthday--K.
  • Ooops, I have writer friends in Western United States who love to yeehaw.
    Must have picked it up from them. One teaches me to greet friends with,
    "Tip o' the hat to you!" But I fail miserably. Can't pull it off with conviction because I wear no hat.

    Hesham is a new acquaintance in Twitter. But I've been to his blog already
    - great looking blog there.

    You're not missing much in the social media. Just the same old
    preoccupation as to who gets to link to the latest news, the latest new apps, the latest buzz. Much of which will hardly matter a few months from

    Keep at your creative work. Now that's something that can stand the test of

    Thanks for your surfacing once in while to greet old friends. It means a lot to me, Kathleen. :)
  • jan, i hope you won't take it against me when i say this is my super-duper-mega-favorite WTE post of all time. wehehe! :P

    i'm kidding of course. my personal fave is your philosophy in a ketchup bottle post, which if memory serves, was the second post i ever read here, and which convinced me that you were someone i needed to read.

    i'm truly honored that the man behind the most influential new blog of the year took time out to visit and even write something about the 13th most influential new blog of the year. nyehehe!

    really, i don't know what else to say except thanks. :)
  • Ahahaha. Deejay, your post nearly gave me a jolt. I thought you meant, "...this is my super-duper-mega-favorite WTF post of all time."

    Goodness gracious - I'm super duper mega old already. My eyesight is already failing me. lols.

    Here's an anecdote during the awards night I haven't written here. Before the top 10 blogs were announced, Janette Toral mentioned each of the blog who nearly made it. When Janette mentioned your blog, the table of Influenza Bloggers went "Aaaahhhhhhh." Loud enough for all those in the Forum Hall to hear.

    You know that sound, don't you? If you watch Oprah or Ellen de Generes show, there are times pictures of cute babies and cute animals are flashed on the big monitor in the studio? And the audience goes "aaaahhhh?" Well, that's your blog all right, reducing my group of friends - the Influenza bloggers - to a group of swooning mom bloggers as it were. Ahahaha.

    Not to worry, Deejay. GTM is one of the best blogs in my book.

    It's one time I'd trade my little top influential blog certificate just to hear people go aaahhh when my blog is mentioned. Can't win them all, can I.
  • rebeccafromrtphotographics
    Another great blog from one of my favourite tweeters :)) I'm here because I wanted to come and have fun... because the title and your tweet were intriguing, and because I know I'm going to enjoy it when I get here!! I love that someone so far away and who has such a different view from his window to that out of mine, I love it that we have the same views inside our heads and inside our souls. That's why I come here. Have a very, very jolly happy birthday tomorrow; I'll raise a glass of something warm and relaxing in your honour! Will a fine single malt from a remote Scottish distillery do? Rebecca,x
  • Thanks, Rebecca. Inside our heads, inside our souls we share so many things. Such lovely thoughts. And aint that the truth! That day is already here in these islands. Ahahaha. Thanks, anything you can bring from your Scottish distillery, Rebecca. And please bring your camera while you're at it. We should have our pictures taken. Here and outdoors. :)
  • I waited for the clock to strike 12,,,he he he...one more year of added wisdom to your gray hairs....iyong buhok ang may wisdom...he he he...It's a misnomer?

    Congratulations for making it big this year , not for winning , but for having many friends who would stand by you.

    In behalf of the CC bloggers, happy, happy birthday, again! and may you have more to come.
    Mabuhay ka!
  • This comment got me intrigued. I got a notification, but I can't find the
    comment! I thought there was an error somewhere. Not! ahahaha.

    Thanks a lot, Jen. Great mom you are - always being the first to the rescue
    of her brood. :)
  • It was a blast being with you on your "Birthday celebration"..he he he... Memories , I'll cherish forever.
  • Thank you, Jen. I had a blast, too. Just imagine if only there were no
    cellphones with cam and video capabilities around? I would have danced, too
    and sang my heart out. Being a blogger has made a little wary of
    publicity. I might end up on the front page of Influenza Bloggers.
    Ahahaha. Angeles City rocks!
  • Hippo birdies, two ewes
    Hippo birdies, two ewes
    Hippo birdies, hippo birdies...
    Hippo birdies, two ewes!

    So, are you old enough to set a five-alarm fire with the candles on your cake?

    Now seems a good time to share with you a couple of the jokes my dad sent ME this morning:

    Two elderly men had been friends for many decades. Over the years they had shared all kinds of activities and adventures. Lately, their activities had been limited to meeting a few times a week to play cards.

    One day they were playing cards when one looked at the other and said, "Now don't get mad at me - I know we've been friends for a long time, but I just can't think of your name! I've thought and thought, but I can't remember it. Please tell me what your name is."

    The man's friend just glared at him, silently, for a solid three minutes. Finally he said, "How soon do you need to know?"


    Grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway, the good fortune to run into the ones I do, and the eyesight to tell the difference.
  • You've just scored a grand slam, Holly. A song and dance, a great joke and a prayer with an attitude.

    Woot. I'd be damned if I can't say woot at least once a year. Lols. Ooops, there goes another one.

    Incidentally, are you by any chance learning Filipino on the sly? Hippo birdies, two ewes. If you ask our good friend Doc Z, he'd tell hippo is a good homonym to Filipino word hipo. Hipo that's a nice term - if used as a verb it means to touch. Or to caress, but then again we have to consult another linguist to be sure. What say you, sensuous Elmot?

    Thanks, Holly. I may lose my eyesight, but as a long as someone can read to me your words I'd never forget it's you. It's a bit still at rudimentary stage, but I can tell for sure from a bunch of words the writer's DNA or personal signature. The many kindnesses you've shown me - and the fun times! let's not forget the fun times - all add up to a burgeoning database of affection and respect I have for you.

    Yeehaw. As Brad Shorr will say, I sure did take a long time to get to the barn, didn't I. Ahahaha.
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